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About Me

Hi, my friends ask me "How are you going to reinvent yourself this time?" as I have retired and returned to work twice ... I enjoyed volunteering but missed working. I loved gardening and kayaking with my husband when he was off but something was missing...I sing with two different groups. When I decided to move forward again...I went in a different direction...and organized a business, incorporating as Creating Divine Order. As a Certifed Relocation and Transition Specialist I'm finding it rewarding to help people to downsize and move into a beautiful home. I'm working as hard as ever and enjoying the entreneurial life and learning so many new things...and meeting wonderful people...

Since I wrote this in 2008 I have "hired" many people to work with me and we have expanded our business to include interior decorating, staging of homes prior to sale, estates and moving sales and clean outs. It is fun to ge an entrepreneur!

Check out my website at www.creatingdivineorder and respond to my blog or even twitter!

My Latest Blog

  • Check out my blog on hiring outstanding employees

    One of my most recent clients inspired my latest blog post at www.creatingdivineorder.com. There I describe the benefit of hiring outstanding employees in this "down economy." You can also follow me at www.facebook.com and FAN us to keep track of our...



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Hi, as you can see I enjoy the outdoors here in Florida!

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More About Me


Montague, Massachusetts (near Amherst )


My current family consists of my husband, Dave, and two adult children who live in the Tampa Bay Area. Dave just retired from full time work; however, he is an artist and is keeping busy. Heworks with wood and he is unique as he;"takes the wood from the tree" to the final product, building custom furniture and accessories. He does considerable inlays and will even make your pet a custom bed or toy box. I grew up in a family of 8 children; my father died when I was six and my mother;raised the eight of us by herself. I was the first girl after 4 boys, hence my need to lead and be in charge. My only sister came next, followed by two more males. Sadly, two of my brothers have died.


My undergraduate degree is in Religion and Philosophy, with a minor in Psychology from La Grange College, Georgia. I have a Master's Degree from Scarritt College in Nashville, with a focus on Administration, Supervision and Leader Development.Next I attended Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta; I completed the Master of Divinity and stayed another year to work on a Doctor of Ministry degree. By then I was ready to return to the local church and I did not complete the latter degree. I really am not a professional student but I love to learn -- but relish in not having to write long research papers!


First, I seek to live ethically and compassionately. All else comes next, my relationship with my husband is the most important; we have been married "most of our lives." I do have the goals to build my business and to franchise it, within 5 to 7 years. I seek to maintain good health. I am an avid reader and want to study subjects that were "too boring" for me at a younger age, such as economics. I seek to be a life long learner.  I want to travel to countries beyond the US borders but also Alaska.

People I'd like to meet

I would like to meet other entrepreneurs who can help me in the problem solving process and provide wisdom in areas which are lesser strengths of mine, such as the finances. I enjoy meeting people of all ages and from a variety of walks of life. This enriches me.

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  • Hi, as you can see I enjoy the outdoors here in Florida!