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About Me

I'm Lynna, now from Maine, married to Peter for 35+ years, mom to Katy and Andy. I am a retired-for-now legal assistant and my passions include acting and directing in community theater.

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    Jackie Carlin is a very brave and generous woman and should be congratulated. Not only did she give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl, but she was willing to share it with all her friends on Growing Bolder. As the mother of two grown children,...



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    GB Staff
    Posted 4:01pm January 20th, 2009
    You look so pretty in your new profile picture.

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March 13, 1951 (63 Years Old)




Legal assistant

More About Me


Hemet, CA


I graduated from Hemet High School. After high school, I was an AFS student to Belgium for a year, living with a family that spoke little English, primarily Flemish and French. I graduated from University of California, Riverside with a B.A. in Theater (Acting).

My Favorites


Acting, directing


Community theater

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  • My first New England winter

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