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About Me

I am a Red Hat Queen and enjoy life to the fullest each day.

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  • Posted 3:33am July 6th, 2008

    G'Day to my Sydney Gal Pal

    I'd recognize Adelaide's  Horatio the bronze pig anywhere.

    And you look pretty cute too!!

    Hatter Hugs


Sea Mistress


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More About Me


Sydney Australia


I have three daughters who each have two children - a total of 4 granddaughters and 2 grandsons.


I attended a Home Science High School where we were taught cooking, sewing (mandatory) the first year and then Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping and again sewing for the next two.  I was in the last year that only did 3 years at High School, I could have stopped on and did the new 4th year but back then I was in a hurry for independance and went to work in an Office.

I have never really regretted this.  I have always had confidence in myself and except in the areas of singing and drawing I have been able to do anything I set my mind to.


My goals are to continue learning whatever takes my fancy for for whatever period it intersts me.

On retiring we have started to go trailer camping and I enjoy the challenges this brings to me.  My latest challenge is mastering Camp Oven (Dutch Oven to some) cooking and collecting special older style ovens when I can.

I very much enjoy live theatre and movies and go often.

People I'd like to meet

I enjoy meeting like minded people and there are no particular celebraties that I want to meet.  In saying that most celebraties have a story to tell about their efforts and I would probably enjoy conversations with them.

My Favorites


I love computers and connecting with friends all over the world.

I go to live theatre of all kinds and belong to a Theatre Appreciation Group.

I enjoy movies of various kinds.

Food is a passion I should avoid but I am interested in all kinds of ethnic foods.


I am a compulsive reader and am mostly nost fussy about what I read.  I enjoy book exchanges and reading something entirely "out of my square".


Food glorious food what more can I or my scales say.


I generally like most popular style music, light classical and I especially enjoy good singing.




Cooking Shows and Travel Shows are my passion.


Enjoying life to the full, not accepting age as a barrier to what I want to do.


I dont need a hero

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