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What Chapter and Where.

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    Discussion Started on Dec 06 2009 at 04:08:26 pm

    Queen Bat from NO WHERE IN THE RHS as they booted me because they "heard" I was not going to renew.  
    Discussion Started on Dec 08 2009 at 09:05:11 pm

    You can always re-up and become official.
    Discussion Started on Dec 11 2009 at 02:19:36 pm

    Hmmmm....let's see....I was paid up through the end of January, was booted sometime in September without any notification from me about renewing or not renewing.  So re-up with an organization that kicked me out with no explanation?  NAAAAHHHHHHH.  It's not how I roll.
    But Poolala, I think you are a really cool lady!!

    Discussion Started on Dec 11 2009 at 10:20:59 pm

    Not questioning your veracity Donna....but did you call Di and speak with her about it?  Sounds like a strange thing to have happened.  I've got her email addy if you would like it.
    Discussion Started on Dec 16 2009 at 01:00:26 pm

    I have communicated with not only member services, but also their attorney, as well as my attorney.  The RHS is aware the notification did not come from me.   They removed me because I started something new.....paid up to January or not.   It's okay....I'm flying with my Banshees and Kaleidoscopes. 
    Discussion Started on Dec 16 2009 at 03:13:13 pm

    And who is having more fun MMMMMMM
    Discussion Started on Dec 24 2009 at 12:56:16 pm

    LOL LOL....I am because I am not worrying and sending out legal letters about who is doing what.   Although I have enough ammunition.....LOL!
    Discussion Started on Jan 28 2010 at 08:59:41 pm

    Hi and New Years Greetings!

    I am Queen Rosy Posy from the Red Maples Chapter in Penticton, British Columbia Canada. I have 22 Chapterettes and we have Fun and Friendship twice per month. We have two Chapters in our City of 40,000 and enjoy getting together..

    Discussion Started on Jan 29 2010 at 04:48:45 pm

    Greetings your Majesty from the "Sunshine" State of Florida.  Such a nice smile you have!  We are the "Barefoot Contessas" of Barefoot Bay, Fl. We have limited our group to 11 in our Chapter and are comprised of the Queen, a Countess, Lady's, Dame's, and a Princess which keeps it more cozy when we go about.  There are 38 Chapters here in "The Bay" of 5,000 manufactured homes where we live; with an average of 15-20 Red Hat Ladies in each Chapter. We even have a "Queen's Chapter" that keeps all in touch with what is happening. This community has an average age of 68 so we've got a lot of ladies.  We are having our annual "Hoot" in March (so our "Snowbirds" will be able to join us) which will be a MASKarade that will have 250 to 275 ladies all in red and purple "Masks" instead of wearing our Red Hats. We have a nice hot luncheon, live entertainment and several venders and a photographer who attend.  We hold it in our main community hall here in "the bay" for a price of $12.50 a ticket. We can and have had up to 320 Ladies if we don't sell out and outside Chapters from Sebastian and Vero Beach or Melbourne, Fl. join us. They look forward to any openings we have and grab up the extra tickets. We all have a Ball! I got to trade a specially designed pin for my hat from a visiting Queen from New Brunswick, CA Red Hatters. Really a nice design of the shape of Providence with a Red Hat and a small Purple Violet and the words "New Brunswick and Red Hatters" on it.

    Have a Happy and Healthy 2010, Countess Barbara



    Discussion Started on Jan 29 2010 at 07:38:08 pm

    Nice to meet you both!  I'm up north in Pennsylvania.  I am a chapter of one and just love the freedom of getting together with lots of different hatters all over the country.

    Happy New year to you both!



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