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About Me

I’m a proud mother of 4 wonderful children and a wife to a wonderful man that I adore.

My oldest daughter is 21 and the youngest 16. As all of my friends began going through all sorts of changes with their bodies and mind I took it upon myself to create this community of wonderful women who share the same goals, dreams, issues and fears. If we continue to help one another through exchange of information, nourishment and support, we will own the world.

My goal is to connect women all over the world to communicate with each so they can experience the same support and guidance as I continue to receive from my girlfriends. 

Join The Movement visit Fabulously40.com

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  • Fabulously 40 and Beyond

    Forty is fabulous! After years of putting others first, I have finally grasped the concept that my life belongs to me. As a young woman, I lived for the approval of others. If I was just pretty enough or did enough for others, I thought, the whole...



  • Posted 10:29am September 2nd, 2008

    Hello Phenomenal & Fabously40!

    Sweet greetings to Beautiful You!

    Thank you so much for accepting the invitation!  And I so look forward to learning more about you and the fascinating network you have started: Fabously40, where women from all walks of life can connect and share their stories, expertise, dreams and friendship. 

    May God bless all that you do as you continue to step ever so boldly into your divine destiny!

    Much Peace,
    Ora ~

    Be Fluent In Love!





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March 27, 1965 (49 Years Old)


United States Of America

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San Diego

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