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I' m a former corporate banker and mortgage broker currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I am not yet retired and spend about half of my time looking for and executing small business consulting projects. The other half of my time is spent pursuing my real passion in life: writing! My writing projects include doing some freelance work but mostly writing two books. The first tome has a working title of Something's Gotta Be Done ..."and is a collection of serio-comic commentaries on not “life as we know it”, but on “life as we suspect it really is”. As an example, you can't convince me that my cell phone does not have 'secret legs' that it sprouts when I am not looking and uses them to crawl under the sofa or between the cushions---thus preventing me from finding it for at least several minutes---and sometimes a week. (Surely this is the reason, I mislay it so much). I am also convinced that children should not be named until they are five years old. Until that age, parents don't really know what they really have. They may have named someone Malcolm ( projecting a 'calm' personality) when they really should have named the kid 'Tsunami' because of the destruction that they do to the hosue, or maybe even Heinous as in 'killer'. Publication is scheduled for early winter. The second book has a working title of The Mostly True Adventuures of JustPLainWill (Batteries Not Included). The later is a ...well.., mostly true chronicle of it was like to grow up as a black, Catholic, baby boomer and only child -----and mostly in the American Deep South in the late 50's and early 60's. I was loved and raised by a very loving but crazy family and had even crazier friends, teachers, and relatives (e.g. my sixth grade teacher, Sister Mary Ornery, a woman who looked amazingly like she could have been Dick Cheney's older sister invented the concept of waterboarding on October 13, 1959 when she was 'admonishing' one of my classmates for employing new cuss words that he'd learned at recess. Its self publication is scheduled for Spring, 2010.

I also LOVE to read and play golf though I am not very good, having about an 18 handicap.

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    That damn cat is back. I spied the black and grey stray lurking about the backyard on the first morning of the New Year. I’d seen him months before and shooed him off any number of times, but he’s back again. I bet he thinks I wouldn’t...



  • Posted 9:19am August 13th, 2011


    It is good to let your mind wander. A cell phone growing legs and stealing away from you sounds like sci-fi and I like reading science fiction. I think of writing as a catharsis. You can’t tell everything that’s on your mind when you need to get something off your mind. Stay passionate.


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Atlanta, Georgia
United States Of America

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Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)


To become a good writer and best selling novelist.

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