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I work for a consulting engineering firm as a project administrator, and I'm also a concert production manager for our family business. Music has always been my primary interest, and I've been playing guitar since my early teens. Over the past 8 years, I have enjoyed working with young originals artists, and helping them get started in the entertainment biz. My measurement of success is having any of our partnered bands waving to us from the tour bus! Since our first family show, we have had three bands "signed"!

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  • Backstage memories

    A fringe benefit of working in the music business is getting to meet all kinds of interesting folks, and sometimes, even our heroes. I was always fascinated by BB King, as he was a major musical influence on me as a teen. His genuine kind personality and...



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September 4, 1948 (66 Years Old)








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Garden City, Long Island


I met my beautiful wife Gigi in the early 70's, in south Florida, and we have been making sweet music ever since! Gigi has fully supported our music thru the years, and she has given me two great children, as well. My son Mike is a pro drummer, and our sound engineer. My Daughter Katie is a preschool teacher, and she also handles Artist Relations with the Biz. Katie is a violist in the Central Florida Youth Orchestra (first chair), and she has been invited to appear at Carnagie Hall next June. Our family business is named for, and dedicated to the memory of our brothers and sisters lost in Viet Nam.


I earned my GED in the US Navy, and I have completed many engineering related courses over the years.


Short term: 1) pay off the mortgage! 2) Host an acoustic jam campout at our home, and make it an annual event. Long term: 1) grow our family business into a "full time" venture! 2) buy that Marshall Austin stage we've been drueling over!!

People I'd like to meet

Paul McCartney Dan Fogelburg Mark Middleton Sarah McGloclan The Coors

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  • Merry Christmas from Rolling Thunder Productions

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