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About Me

I'm a newlywed, just celebrated our first anniversary, very happy. I have 3 beautiful children, twin daughters, 19 and a son 7. I'm going back to school, studying Surgical Technology and am about half way through. I love surgery!! I'm a medical esthetician and worked for a plastic surgeon for 2 years. My experience in the medical practice brought me into this end of the medical field. My husband and I dated in high school and reconnected after 25 years, and that has turned out well for both of us!!

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  • Life is full of surprises

    Hi everyone: I'm a newby here on growing bolder, and Bill suggested I blog my story about my recent marriage...so here goes. About 4 years ago, I was going through a tough divorce (oxymoran, all divorces are tough) and had recently signed up for...



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don't have one....Navy Brat


I have 3 kids and 2 step children, all but one are adults and either in college or working. My husband is a computer whiz and that's what he does for a living, not a geek, just a smart guy!!


I have a college education, along with an aestheticain's license and am attending college again...to be a surgical technologist...half way through. I love school and excell at it..which is funny since I wasn't a great student so many years ago.


To be happy, for my children to be happy and healthy. I would love to have a job where I enjoy the people I work with and grow in knowlege and friendship. Hope to make enough money to take the stress out of living, don't have to be rich, just comfortable.

People I'd like to meet

I'm open to meeting new people, I enjoy hearing the cool life paths we have all been down.

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