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Lisa Maile is an image consultant, professional speaker, success coach and stylist who's helped clients look and feel their best for over 25 years!  Whether presenting and coaching for corporations, groups, & schools, consulting with individuals in their home closets, conducting "retail therapy shopping tours", or prepping one-on-one for employment interviews, her goal is always to help others look incredible and feel empowered!

A former fashion coordinator/actress with a degree in Anthropology, she founded the central Florida talent school that still bears her name, where Mandy Moore, Arielle Kebbel, and 2 Miss Americas began their careers.  Lisa's worked with thousands across the U.S., including executives, performers, athletes, broadcasters, politicians, authors, mothers & grandmothers desiring a new look (on a budget), as well as students entering college or the workforce.

As an inaugural instructor of Fashion & Image at Disney Institute, she served as stylist for visitors from around the world. She's appeared on the nationally syndicated "Smart Women" TV series, Lifetime, Hard Copy, The Daily Buzz, The John Walsh Show, What Not to Wear, America's Health Network, and as a judge on TV's "Star Search."

An award-winning presenter, Lisa's worked with hundreds of corporate clients, including AT&T, Clear Channel, Head Sports, Holiday Inn, Lennar Corp, and McDonald's nationwide on image, communication, and power body language.  Says Lisa, "My goal is to help everyone look their best and feel confident! In business, this translates directly into productivity, profits and the overall enhancement of the corporate image.  Plus, personal benefits include increased self-esteem 24/7." 

To schedule private coaching, training or a spouse program (watch a sample video in the "links" file at left) customized for your organization, visit Lisa's website at www.lisamaileseminars.com

My Latest Blog

  • What Makes YOU Feel Confident?

    The most rewarding part of my job, whether I’m coaching privately, consulting with a small group or presenting to hundreds, is when clients leave feeling happier and more confident than they felt before! I’ve enjoyed watching adults self-esteem...



  • Posted 12:18am July 11th, 2008
    I have experienced you as being very helpful in my transitioning go a new size and professional look.
    Now I want to ask you about another area: as a professionally trained communicator I am interested in going into being an actor in television commercials. I believe you have stated that this industry is looking for people in my age group: I am a young senior.

    How do I go about finding work in this field? What do I need to do? Whom do I need to contact?

    Thanks so much,
    Ann Hutchens
    Creating Divine Order

Lisa Maile

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My Favorites


I love working 1-on-1 in clients' closets and creating "STAR in your own CLOSET" wardrobe videos, to help ladies (& gentlemen) develop their strongest image, spend less, have more, & love what they see when they look in the closet & the mirror! 

Most women I coach in wardrobe want to know how to appear taller & thinner (I call it Defensive Dressing).  In fact, when I instructed at Disney Institute, where we'd have students from all over the world-- some couldn't even speak English-- and repeatedly I'd hear from ladies, "Just tell me how to look thinner without DIET & EXERCISE!!",  seemingly a worldwide quest   :)     

I believe dressing should EMPOWER you every morning & help you start each day feeling great... without breaking the bank!

Recent Photos

  • Success Coach Lisa was Keynote Speaker at the Tenia Taylor Model One Expo in Houston, pictured here with Tenia (l) and America's Next Top Model Winner Naima Mora.
  • Lisa's husband Art D'Alessandro on location in Toronto on the set  of his Lifetime movie

  • Lisa appears on The Daily Buzz, as spokesperson for Dress for Success.
  • Lois Brennan, President of Valencia's AAWCC with presenters Orlando PD Chief Val Demings and LIsa at Professional Development Day at VCC.