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About Me

I grew up in the LA area, born in Hollywood, came from a very interesting family, some were in the first silant films, my Grandmother was the first women to ware pants on the set as she was a lights person, her Mother was in Jack and the bean stalk! and it goes on, i come from wemon artist and seamstresses and I to this day carry on with them in my memories and talents. I have so much to share, Also motorcycles, These same wemon) my great grandmother road an indian as Granddad had a shop in LA calif.  I built my self a harley at the age of 28 and still have it.Yes i still ride as long as i can kick it over ha. But Gardening" also these wemon were great at it and i share there passion. The men in the family were pretty awsome too, They all served our country and servived! long storeys there. So I have all this to be thankful for.I will share more another day and thanks for stopping ~

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  • Posted 12:23pm January 21st, 2010

    Its me Brenna I didnt chech my spelling, please dont let it bother you ill try and fix it later. its ealy and havnt  or cant find how to fix it yet! oops!! smiles


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May 19, 1956 (58 Years Old)


United States Of America

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Hollywood stars, Motorcycle ridders, and artist, Gradeners, seamstresses we where from the older eara it seems. And I carry there traditons and talents passed on to me. so pasted to my girls also, I will write more another day on this also   .Thank you for visiting me here ~


I went to some high school but wanted to marry and so i did a wonderful man, He road a brad new sporster and I left with him and married him very long storey also ~ and very interesting.... and what came after that was and is a leagend in my own time.


To live life for the first time for me ~ maybe travel, im not sure, but the Garden will be beautiful this year! and i hope to visit the coast alot this year ~

People I'd like to meet

Van morrison a singer,, So many!! my my... and maybe some one to share my world with would be Great! well see.

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