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About Me

I was raised in Tennessee & Florida. I went to high school in Cocoa. Two years after graduation I got married and I lived most of my life in Orlando, but now live in North Carolina by the Blue Ridge Parkway. What a beautiful view we have of the mountains.

I am a retired hair stylist. I now work part-time for a TV show based in Mount Airy, NC . I help on their website, but it was designed by another company before I started work there. Several of the photos taken during the shoots were taken by me. I love the show and working there.

I have my own website design company. Among others I do an unofficial website for the Cococa High Class of 1964.

My Latest Blog

  • My Friend Bernie

    For the past few years here on Growing Bolder my friend "Bernie" has been posting on her Blog little ditty's that I thought were hilarious and amazing. I would keep telling her...you have got to write a book every time I would read one of her...


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  • Posted 5:45am November 9th, 2009

    Hi Ann.

    I saw your picutre and comment in my comment section, I just wanted to stop by and say hello because I remembered that you were among the first (actually the first) to reach out welcome me to GB. I hope everything is going well for you.



  • Posted 8:58am April 11th, 2009
    Hi Ann...
    Thank you for taking a few moments to
    comment on my GB 5 Questions feature.

  • Posted 5:34pm January 2nd, 2009


    Happy New Year to you too!  I'm sorry we don't have that much in common, but I became an Interior Designer once in my career and then a Floral Designer.


  • come awn!
    Pat Narciso
    GB Staff
    Posted 8:07am September 10th, 2008
    Thank you very much Ann!

  • Posted 7:26pm July 5th, 2008

    Hello, Ann,

    I recognized Brenda Lee right away in your pictures.  Donna Fargo hasn't changed much over the years either.  I always loved her song, "I'm the Happiest Girl in the Whole USA" and used to sing it all the time, too.  Glad to see that you like Country music....I do too!

    Do you belong to a Red Hat Society chapter???   If not, you really should.  They are everywhere!

    Queen SandyTX

    FQM Texas Belles of Temple, Texas

    (Just for your info.....FQM means Founding Queen Mom in red hat language.  LOL)


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More About Me


I was born in Lousiana.


Married my husband Bill in Cocoa, FL in 1966. Had my daughter at Wuestoff Hospital in Rockledge, FL in 1969.


I graduated from Cocoa High School in Rocklege, FL in 1964.
Went to Merritt Island Beauty School in 1968.  Finished my
cosmotology course in Orlando, FL in 1977.


I don't have any goals to fullfil. I'm very happy with my life the way it is. As long as we have our loved ones and our health, everything is OK.

People I'd like to meet

I'd love to meet a President of the United States. That is one thing I have never gotten to do. I did see Lyndon Johnson when he was VP in a parade in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

My Favorites


Being with my family and friends. Watching TV. Surfing the internet and doing websites.


You can't go wrong reading the Bible.


My favorite is Chinese and Mexican.


I love country music. My favorite singers are Brenda Lee and Donna Fargo. I am proud to say that both have become my friends. Brenda was always my idol when I was a a teenager. I never thought in my wildest dream that one day we would be friends.


I love anything on HGTV. I would watch it 24-7 if I could. Other shows I watch are American Idol and a lot of the older westerns like Gunsmoke, The Lone Ranger and Hoppy. When the season starts you can find me watching Nascar racing. My favorite driver is JEFF GORDON. I also like Jimmy Johnson and Dale, Jr.



When I'm in the mood I like to tole paint or sew. I love decorating.

Recent Photos

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  • Ann & Bernie in Orlando, FL 11/05
  • Me with Brenda Lee's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame trophy.