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97 Years of Saving Lives

At the time, it was just a simple, selfless act. The right thing to do. 70 years later it is responsible for saving countless lives. It was just one incident in the long, rewarding life of Dr. Norman Wall who is one of the most compelling, relevant and fascinating 97-year-olds on the planet!

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Growing Bolder With ... Pat Williams

He's studied people for years, and now, NBA Executive Pat Williams says he knows the one thing that all successful men and women do -- set goals. Not just any goals, though. See what he says about writing your own future.

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GOBO 207: No Limits

In this week's new episode of Growing Bolder, we share the story of a war hero who says everyone can learn from the lessons on the battlefield. Plus, Marc and his swim team set a world record, we have a ball at a very special event and we feature triathlete Tony Handler. Click here to check local listings to find out when/where you can watch us in your area, and click here to watch this episode 24/7 online.


And We Have Liftoff

"Launch" is an important word to us here at Growing Bolder. We've launched a website and nationally syndicated radio and TV shows. But this week, GB Executive Producer Katy Widrick got to experience the type of launch that makes the ground shake and rockets humans beyond the Earth's atmosphere -- she had a close encounter of the shuttle kind. Click here to read about this historic event and the power of dreams coming true.


It Begins and Ends With Love

For the past two years, GB CEO and Founder Marc Middleton's daughters have graduated high school at the top of their classes. Marc and his wife, Jill, are constantly asked by friends, family, and yes, co-workers, what secret methods they used to raise two extraordinary, kind and hard-working daughters. In his latest blog for the Huffington Post, Marc reveals all. Click here to read his blog and weigh in with your best parenting tips.


Dee Wallace's Light Burns Bright

Dee Wallace will forever be known as the single mother in "E.T.," but she's also a teacher, radio host and the author of the new book "Bright Light: Spiritual Lessons from a Life in Acting." Dee reveals some of her personal challenges to help others learn to get their lives and joy back again.

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The Four Purposes of Life

Even very bad days in life can be very good days in terms of learning about ourselves and our personal growth. That's one of the four purposes of life thought leader Dan Millman wants you to learn to become the person you're meant to be. Learn how to start bringing your life into focus today.

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Model Recreates 25-Year-Old Perfume Ad

How much have you changed over the past 25 years? Do you think you look better than ever or are things not quite where you left them? Oleda Baker proves it's possible to keep getting better with age -- without plastic surgery! Last week, Oleda and her husband decided to have a little fun by recreating a 25-year-old photo of Oleda, taken for a perfume ad. Did we mention Oleda is 76 years old? Click here to see the stunning photos.


Wendy's a Cover Girl

Check out the cover girl for the May edition of Endurance Magazine. It's GB's own Wendy Chioji! As we've shared, Wendy is a breast cancer survivor, Ironman triathlete, fitness instructor and avid cyclist. We can't think of a better example of someone with true endurance! Click here to read the magazine's feature story on Wendy and fight out why she calls every race a celebration.


Sh*t My Dad Says

Last year, we introduced you to Justin Halpern who started a Twitter stream called "Sh*t My Dad Says," which quickly led to a book deal and then a TV show starring William Shatner. In typical Justin fashion, he shares with his father the bad news that the show based on his book "Sh*t My Dad Says" has been cancelled. We love the reaction! (Warning: as you can imagine, given the name of the book, this conversation includes some rated-R words)


Keep on Truckin' for Family, Faith and Fitness

In the next Insider: Siphiwe Baleka is a long-haul trucker who spends 300 days a year on the road. With his family following behind in a rented van, "Sippy" drove his big rig from Indiana to Arizona for the U.S. Masters National Swimming Championships. When they arrived, "Team Baleka" delivered a powerful message about family, faith and fitness. 


Deep Thoughts

"In three words, I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on."
-- American poet Robert Frost

Did You Know?

My Generation
"I hope I die before I get old." On May 19, 1965, a 20-year-old Pete Townsend sat down in a fit of rage and wrote the lyrics to a song that would soon define an era. The Who's "My Generation" quickly became the anthem of the largest group of young people ever -- the Boomers.

So what made Pete so angry? His 1936 Packard hearse had been towed from its parking spot near Buckingham Palace because it reportedly upset the Queen Mother, reminding her of her late husband who'd been driven to his burial in a similar vehicle. 

Pete later said they wanted to charge him hundreds of pounds to reclaim it and he'd only paid 30 for it.

Of course, the song now reminds us of the Zimmers, a British rock band with a 90-year-old lead singer and a 101-year-old member. Click here for their version of "My Generation," and watch the lyrics take on a whole new meaning.