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now i am an internet DJ and have my internet radio station. Here is a link http://thevelvetvoiceunderground.webs.com/ To listen in go to: (WEXR 175.5 Xpressions Radio) E.X.R.B 175.5 EXOTIC XPRESSIONS RADIO BALTIMORE THE STATION FOR THE PEOPLE, WITH THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE!broadcasting live.  Now you can take these great tunes with your 24hrs a day on your iPhone's, iPad's, Android phones Plus blackberry using the Nobex Radio app. or on iTunes search for W.E.X.R.Radio. Streaming all music all the time around the World!To listen the station go to: http://srv8.karadio.biz:51606http://*** http://www.audiorealm.com (W.E.X.R) I CAN BE CONTACTED @ white_enterprise@hotmail.com OrSkype: ExoticLover.Nightfire (Mr. Velvet Voice)

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Mr. Velvet Voice

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March 29, 1958 (56 Years Old)


United States Of America

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This is private for me, I am learning to reach out still.




My main focus is now DJing and MCing Events. I currently have my own station as well as DJing as staff on other stations. I have a love for entertaining my audience with throughly and make them happy.

People I'd like to meet

They all has passed on, but in the now anyone that has a positive attitude!

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