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Initial romance

Views: 387
Added: Sun. Nov 04, 2012 12:56pm
Posted in: Living

I’ve always known I was more romantic than my wife, but I figured that given time I could show her the wonders of seeing life through a different prism.

After she began teaching, I sent her flowers on the first day of school. She asked me to stop. Flowers don’t have a long shelf life in a third grade classroom. So I tried other things but nothing seemed to work.

Then a couple of years ago I started sending her e-mails every lunch hour and signed them with the initials, L, Y.S. that, obviously, meant “Love, Your STUD.”

After the first time I used the initials, I asked if she had understood the meaning. She smiled, nodded and said “Of course.”

My heart soared. I was finally making progress. My mistake was soon revealed. A teacher saw me carrying a case of water to Linda’s classroom and remarked how nice it was to have a husband who helped.

“Oh yes,” Linda said and smiled. “He signs his e-mails to me as “Y.S.” for your slave.”

I realized then that even with aid of e-mail and other modern technology there were some things I was never going to change.

Maybe I’ll go back to flowers.


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