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On Growing Older - Highs and Lows

Views: 564
Added: Fri. Nov 16, 2012 1:06pm
Posted in: Writing


Low - I don’t care how you gloss it over; it doesn’t matter how much you extol the virtues of it, the end result is the same: getting old sucks. Everything is harder; for example, using the new Preparation H Totables. Nobody can tell me that applying that stuff isn’t easier if you are younger -  and especially, say, while you’re seated on an airplane – there is no way that being older is an advantage in that situation. First of all, when you’re old, your knees hurt, so sitting in an airplane seat is not fun even when you don’t have hemorrhoids.  And don’t even get me started on how our backs hurt and our hands are starting to feel rheumatism-like. So, on top of all that, we’re supposed to either drop our drawers and apply Preparation H (remember, it’s totable!!) right there in our seat, OR we’re supposed to make our way to that bathroom in the front or the back – yes, the ones that are exactly the size of broom closets -  and take care of our “little problem” there before it becomes a big one. More to follow . . .

  • Posted 8:28am November 17th, 2012

    Bernie, you are so right. Growing older sucks! Enjoyed your blog, and can relate to everything. I wish there was a "magic pill' one could take to stop the aging process, when will they invent one....looking forward to the rest of your blog, nice reading

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