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What drives your decision making?

Views: 598
Added: Tue. Nov 20, 2012 10:36pm
Posted in: Aging

What drives us to live the way we do? What drives you? Let's focus this question on health related topics. Is there a reason why you eat the way you do? The way you exercise, or not? The supplements you take, or don't? Have you ever given it any thought? If you eat three meals a day by the time your 40 you would have eaten 43,800 meals. Can ingesting something over 40,000 times in a 40 year period influence your health?


What about exposure to chemicals from deodorants, shampoo, soap, make up, creams and lotions, laundry detergents? How can minute amounts of questionable safety ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, bisphenols, organochlorine and organophosphate pesticides to name a few, affect our health over time? If you bathe just once a day by age 40 you would have applied deodorant, soap and shampoo a total of 14,600 times.  Well, you start to get the picture. Could a contributing factor to disease be attributed to minute long term exposure and ingestion of modern chemicals? Is it possible this could contribute to our health or lack there of?


This is where Paleo Nouveau chooses to "err on the side of caution", if need be. What this means is a factor used to determine a health or lifestyle decision will be based on a risk vs reward scenario. Does changing a habit produce a risk? Is the risk great? What about the reward? If the potential for reward greatly outstrips the risk, then the lifestyle or action is chosen. This allows for a decision to be made in spite of conflicting research. For example, there is plenty of debate regarding the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides with our food supply. Lots of opposing research on both sides. The question then becomes what the heck do we do? The "experts" can't agree and are on polar extremes of the equation! Paleo Nouveau simply chooses to "err on the side of caution."


We choose food without the use of these substances. If eventually there is irrefutable or overwhelming evidence to change our position we do so. In the meantime what can be the harm? The risk is next to nothing, but the reward can be vast. What if the research eventually points to the dangers associated with these substances? You spent the greater part of your life ingesting them and may suffer the consequences simply because you were waiting for the "evidence" to come in.


By making simple logical well informed decisions using the above criteria you may be minimizing potentially detrimental lifestyle choices. Even if you ingest these types of foods every other week you have slashed your exposure in half.


A driving factor to determine what you choose to ingest and apply to your body and that of your loved ones should be based on the simple axiom of "First do no Harm." Could the ingestion of these substances be potentially harmful? If so find alternatives. These are choices that need to be considered. If you choose to "err on the side of caution" your risk will be minimized and the potential for reward will be vast.


We will go into greater details later regarding current thoughts on some of these substances. The preservation of your health is of utmost importance and should be the primary goal of all of us. It's much easier to prevent than to fix! Ask any long term smoker with COPD or someone suffering the devastation of diabetes, that might have been prevented, had they made better lifestyle choices. We should not sit idly by and ignore these lessons. Make better informed choices now and try with all your might to keep these conditions at bay!



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