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"You've just won the lottery"

Views: 1,099
Added: Thu. Nov 22, 2012 12:34pm
Posted in: Fitness

Those were the words of my operating surgeon as I was checking out of the hospital. The good doctor had discovered a 5 day old ruptured appendix that had been previously misdiagnosed by another doctor. The perforated appendage had been leaking toxins into my body and emergency surgery was required.He admitted not doing a fancy slice and stitch job but was more concerned with saving my life as he thought I was a goner.  The day after surgery I thought I was dead. Day 2 had me wishing I was dead. By day 3 I was seeing some light. Day 4 I wanted out and day 5 I checked out of Real San Jose Hospital and went home, where I am rehabilitating. Dr. Ramos Corona credited my strength and good health with my ability to pull through and carry on. You need to ask yourself as to how you would stand against the odds in a life/death situation.Start today on a strength building routine that was designed for seniors and takes from 12-20 minutes/day. Go here to find details: www.superseniorstrengthtraining.com but do it now. Don't wait for the New Year because we never know what life has in store for us

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