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Do you have a Rosebud?

Views: 235
Added: Wed. Dec 12, 2012 2:32pm
Posted in: Living

Charles Foster Kane had his Rosebud and I have my equivalent. You remember Mr. Kane? He was better known as Citizen Kane in the 1941 movie by the same name and Rosebud was his xxx. In case you haven't seen that classic movie, I won't reveal the precise identity of Rosebud. I sometimes wonder how many of us still recall that one special gift from Santa on that long-ago, but long-remembered childhood Christmas? And why, among all the possessions we have had, it is the one that stayed with us all these many years? I think in some ways they are our touchstones by which we judge all the possessions we acquire later in life.

Also, I think in remembering them they still are able to evoke in us the same private, happy, joyous feeling they gave us when we were but children. In this hectic, overly busy world of ours, they remind us of simpler times, perhaps happier times - times when the world wasn't has hectic and threatening as it seems today and we only had a child's responsibilities. Also, they are like an old friend, something in whose presence we are totally comfortable.

Oh - what is my Rosebud? A Lionel train which I got for my first Christmas, a train that circled our Christmas tree every year in my youth. It is my reminder of the way Christmas use to be when I was a child. It still is in perfect shape, stored away in its box. Hopefully, a house fire will never destroy it, and just maybe my great- and great-great-grandchildren will have it circling under their Christmas tree.

I hope that at least in your memories you have your Lionel train, your Rosebud, and I hope you take a moment this Christmas season to remember it. You'll feel good about it.

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