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How To Make Love Last 70 Years

Views: 615
Added: Wed. Dec 12, 2012 4:46pm
Posted in: Relationships

The path to a lifelong love is filled with ups and downs and everything in-between. How do you get to 70 years together? I interviewed married couples at intervals of five years to get their advice, all the way to 70……….You’ll be surprised by what the “still honeymooning” couple had to say. Don’t cheat, read in order:

5 years – Victor and Sheila

“We have a glass of wine in the evening or a cup of coffee early in the morning and talk. Sharing thoughts and feelings is critical to understanding your partner.”


“Laughter is key. The ability to see the humor in life and your relationship, and laugh together.”


15 years – Jeff and Denise

“The key to a successful marriage is astonishingly simple: Do unto your partner as you have your partner do unto you, and put your partner’s level of happiness at, or preferably slightly above, your own.”


“A successful marriage is based on performing countless thoughtful gestures each day. I think selfishness is the biggest marriage killer. It’s the little things, like a gentle touch, sincerely listening no matter what topic, considering your partner’s feelings when making decisions, and picking up after yourself, that promote harmony, goodwill, and love.”


20 years – Darrell and Kim

“It takes communication, understanding, patience, honesty, love, gratitude and kindness to each other. Involve each other on matters of importance and work together, be a lifetime team.”


“Always validate your partner’s feelings and find middle ground. Remind yourself that if something needs changing, look at yourself first. And remember, having that special someone to love who loves you back is a gift and a blessing. Love your partner unconditionally. Be grateful and treat this relationship with the highest respect.”


25 years – David and Cathy

“Live below your means.”


“Keep focused on the bigger picture, all the things you love about each other and all the hopes you have for your future and your family.”


35 years – Barry and Gayle

“Remember ‘Yes, Dear’ and never go to sleep mad and always kiss goodnight.”


“Try to have a sense of humor no matter what. Still be your own person, but love being a part of a pair.”


40 years – Peter and Lisa

“Don’t give up. Negotiate to reach a compromise. Sometimes one person has to give more than the other.”


“Good sex. If your wife is your lover and vice-versa, you can have a good marriage.”


45 years – Jim and Jeanne

“Set aside a special time each day for a few minutes to ask ‘How was your day?’ Show respect by listening to each other.”


“Communication is the key to a strong foundation for a marriage to succeed.”


50 years – Jimmy and Donna

“Understanding, loyalty, and, above all, love will bind you together. Love, patience, and tenderness will last forever in your hearts. For the man of the house, always remember these famous words, ‘Yes Ma’am,’ ‘No Ma’am,’ and ‘Always Ma’am.’”


“You have to have patience and understanding, lots and lots and lots. Give more than you take. Be cordial. Things change over the years and every day. You have to be accepting of who your mate is in the moment.”


60 years – Sheldon and Irma

Just say ‘Yes Ma’am’ to your wife’s questions!”


Never go to bed angry about something!


70 years – Seymour and Gertrude

“Life is full of problems. If you love each other, you’ll work things out.”


“Treat each other as though you love each other, not in competition with each other.”


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