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A Lot Has Happened

Views: 363
Added: Fri. Dec 14, 2012 12:58pm
Posted in: Beauty

For three years I've been an independent Avon representative. I've met a lot of great ladies and signed up 8 people but out of those 8 only 3 were really doing the business. I find that many people don't have the motivation or desire to make a difference in their lives.

Where we live, a strong depressing spirit hovers over the city as well as alcoholism, drugs, greed and selfishness. I grew up with a strong work ethic as did my former husband and my husband today. My children have learned how to diversify in jobs in order to live and having so many areas of interest have helped them to survive. I feel like I'm babysitting ladies and have to take them by the hand to do anything.

When I lost the ones I signed up due to Avon policies, I decided to advertise more. I have two ads in our local paper. One says "Buy direct with Avon" giving them my website: http://www.youravon.com/kking9197 and another saying "Want to make more money?" giving my phone number. I did get a couple of responses. The problem here though is that many live on the Navajo or Zuni reservations and cell phones don't get the reception as they do in town.

Now with Christmas just around the corner, I really can't help anyone sign up until afterwards. I have five new representatives and one just doesn't understand the business and she will need more training.

I'm willing to train people. It's just that people don't communicate as I would like. I make up newsletters and send them out by email. I check on the representatives and how they did on their orders. Even when I had 8 other people signed up to sell Avon, they just wouldn't call me even after emails and several calls to them.

Many think that being an Avon representative is an easy way to make money. Well, in one sense it does pay because of the discounts. But it takes time to show their customers that they can be depended on to be there and show courtesy and concern about their needs.

When others are signed on, Avon provides so much education through their website. There is a problem, however, when no one has a computer. Many have cell phones and can make orders over the phone instead of writing out orders on paper and submitting them. The training is there but to get to it requires a computer.

I have enjoyed being an Avon Representative and dress appropriately. Many around here don't understand that dressing for success does matter. When you go to a customer wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, that's not being a good example.

We've been having meetings a couple times a week and it has helped the representatives with ordering, learning about products, where to go on the website and other issues. I help representaives with their websites and another Avon lady instructs us about new policies or new products coming out or any other problems that come up.

It really is the representative's responsibility to get on their website, know how to place orders, do their own invoicing and follow-up with their customers. Follow-up is extremely important with old and new customers since it shows you want to be there for them. I've even sent out cards to my older customers reminding them about the holidays and not to forget our products.


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