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Worked for Reuters for 20 years, taught Journalism at Northwestern Medill school at the graduate levelfor a couple of years.

Retired, active blogger. Have been writing blog on fitness and living longer for nearly three years -

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  • Get your flu shot

    This year the flu season is the earliest it's occurred since 2003. Ever since 2010, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had a national health objective of getting 90 percent of people over age 65 and all nursing home residents vaccinated. Sadly, the...



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Tony L

Last Login: December 30, 2012

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74 Years Old


United States Of America

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Degree in Finance from Loyola University of Chicago

Learned writing and journalism by doing itl


Consider myself a soldier in the war on obesity. Too many lives being wrecked by careless eating and ignorance about the basics of health and healthy aging.We don't have to drift off into senility. This Growing Bolder community is a great example of that. I understand the connection between exercise and healthy aging.

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