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A DIY-ers Arsenal: What to Keep on Hand

Views: 724
Added: Wed. Jan 02, 2013 5:22pm
Posted in: DIY & Home Improvement

Having the right set of basic tools can help you accomplish many DIY home projects. Although having a core set of tools won't eliminate the need to purchase specialized tools for a particular job, it does mean you can tighten those loose door handles, hang art and perform other basic home fixes when needs arise. Make sure your home toolbox has these items, or give them as gifts to the crafters and DIY-ers in your life.

Hammer: A hammer is a basic necessity for any toolbox, so keep one--or even two--on hand. Use hammers to nail loose floor boards onto your stairs or porch, to hang art or to pry up loose nails and remove them.

Adjustable Wrenches: These wrenches open and close to fit around nuts and fasteners of different sizes. Invest in a pair of adjustable wrenches, one large and one small. You never know when you will need them.

Flashlight: This may not be the most obvious toolkit element, but flashlights are essential. Not only can they help you find that small screw you dropped underneath the sofa, they come in handy during power outages and while working in dark spaces. You can never have too many flashlights!

Sandpaper: Pick up a mixed-grade pack of sandpaper at your home goods store to be prepared for nearly any project. Whether it's sanding rough edges or preparing a surface for spray painting, sandpaper is an essential component of any toolkit.

Level and Measuring Tape: Anyone who's ever tried to hang a picture knows that a level is absolutely essential, so add one to your list. A mini version of a tape measure will fit well inside a toolbox for easy storage and use. A measuring tape is necessary for almost every home project--whether you're measuring the size of a piece of furniture to see if it can fit in a room, or measuring the distance between bolts so you can hang a porch swing or hammock, this is your go-to tool. Keep more than one on hand.

Cordless Drill: These make light work of many home repair projects. Use a cordless drill to drill holes to hang pictures, pot racks, plant hooks and other materials. Or, drill a small hole through the back of your entertainment center to run cords through it instead of around it. A cordless drill is much easier to use outside than a corded electric drill, so opt for this type for projects all around the house.

Safety Gear: While this may not fit in your toolbox, safety gear is an important part of home repair. Two items to add to your list are safety goggles and work boots. The former protects your eyes while you sand, drill and paint. The latter keeps your feet safe while you work with power tools, lift heavy objects and perform yard work.

Staple Gun and Glue Gun: A staple gun makes light work of furniture repuholstery and other craft and home repair projects. Glue guns work well for crafting and for quick home fixes. If your furniture legs are loose or your towel rack keeps falling off, try hot gluing them back onto the base. Since staple guns aren't commonly associated with home repair and renovation, the DIY-ers in your life may not own a staple gun. Give it as a gift now and they'll find uses for it.

These tools are inexpensive and widely available. With the right tools on your list, any home repair project becomes less intimidating and more easy to take care of when the need arises.

Holly is an Indianapolis native with a passion for writing. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands she loves.

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