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A Succesful October-Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Views: 496
Added: Thu. Jan 03, 2013 8:41am
Posted in: Cancer

Since its inception in 1985, Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) takes place annually in the month of October. A nationally recognized and organized health campaign, BCAM highlights multiple aspects of breast cancer and how it affects those who live with the disease, as well as their families. Additionally and as importantly, BCAM stresses the importance of early detection, which can lead to a better prognosis, the proper course of breast cancer treatment and save lives.

So overwhelming is the disease that several powerful groups and entities have merged and continually collaborate to bring awareness to many facets of breast cancer, as well as the various means to detect and fight it. Professional medical associations, national public service organizations and government agencies working in conjunction to inform women and men of the risks, detection possibilities and means to fight this potentially deadly disease.

As approximately 1.3 million women and men of all ages are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, it's crucial for everyone to consider examining their family medical history, as well as discussing their potential risk with their family doctor. While there are some risk factors that patients cannot control, such as genetics, there are some proactive steps individuals can take towards prevention:

  • Maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle: Eating a nutritious and balanced diet and exercising to maintain a healthy weight are good recommendations for anyone, but those with a family history of breast cancer would be especially wise to adhere to this basic lifestyle choice. This is particularly true for women who have gone through menopause since most of a woman's estrogen is derived from fat cells and can raise the chances of developing breast cancer.

  • Cease smoking: Researchers have found that high concentrations of tobacco smoke, particularly in women who began smoking at a young age, increase the risk of breast cancer.

  • Limit consumption of alcohol: For moderate drinkers -- those who take in one drink a day -- may be exposed to a slightly greater risk of developing breast cancer. Those who have two to five or more drinks a day are at a much greater risk.

  • Be aware of the risks and your family medical history: Both women and men should investigate their family history, as much as possible. If other family members have developed breast cancer, potentially at-risk people can start being vigilant about their own health sooner. Having an open dialogue with a primary care physician about risks is also a good course of action.

  • Breast self-exams: Women especially should learn to perform breast exams when young and do them on a monthly basis. A family doctor can help begin this practice and teach  her patients how to note any irregularities, such as lumps. Once a woman turns 40, an annual mammogram can help screen against the disease.

Despite preventative efforts and detection resources, breast cancer sometimes still develops. Support from organizations involved with BCAM, however, help women and men with the disease realize they are not alone in their fight.

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