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About Me

I am a spiritual, conscious (well, paying attention but not always successful), tree-hugging, bunny lover from Vancouver Island, BC.  I love hiking and playing in the rainforests.  One of my growing bolder goals is to climb up one of the giant majestic Sequoia trees in Northern California.  To stay overnight atop one of these would be so wonderful.

I am looking forward to hearing your growing bolder dreams and am thrilled to be connected to this site.  It is a brave new year 2013! 

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Adventurous Spirit

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56 Years Old



More About Me


Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC


Grew up as an only girl with 4 strapping brothers.  I guess 'tom-girl' could be a good way to describe me as I was mostly interested in outdoors, and how things work.  But I do have a soft, feminine side as well so a nice mix. 

Spent my formative years growing up in Toronto, and spending many summers on the shores of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  This provided the best of both worlds, the modern advantages of a big city and the joys and nature connections of a remote country life.  As soon as possible, in my '20's' hightailed it outta Toronto and spent most of my adult life in Banff - Calgary area.  Hiking, Climbing, and other extreme sports. 


A lifelong learner, some college, on the job, well travelled, well read. Interested in life and people.


To live on an acreage with a conscious, organic, sustainable flow,  where I can enjoy life with a cherished partner, a dog, cats, chickens, goats?  a pig?  A big thriving garden,  surrounded by nature, that would be paradise for me.

People I'd like to meet

People who are doing what I love to do.  Connected with and drawn to nature pursuits, growing food, who love to laugh, who love to create, who are conscious.  :)

Recent Photos

  • Ready for a rainforest hike up to a brilliant summit.
  • In the Training Room

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  • Cowichan River Hike