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Getting Back to Running

Views: 540
Added: Mon. Jan 28, 2013 10:17am
Posted in: Fitness

I'm not a natural runner. I hated the mile run in high school P.E., I hated land training for my swim team and I never would have chosen to strap on the sneakers on a perfectly good Sunday morning.

Until a few years ago, that is. When I got it into my head -- in large part because of the people I've met through Growing Bolder -- that I could and would run a half marathon.

I started very slowly, building up my endurance by half miles, but finally, after a year or so of training, I crossed the finish line at my first, then second, then third half marathons. It was one of my proudest moments.

Then, life changed. I got pregnant and had a baby, and running just didn't fit into my schedule. It was a much-needed break, to be honest, because it gave me time to recover and fall back in love with the sport.

And in love I am, but it's truly like starting over. I am back to running a half-mile or a mile at a time, at a slow pace and with lots of breaks. It's frustrating because I know I'm capable of more, but what the mind wants, the body is still working on.

I'm so inspired by those of you who have taken on similar goals -- starting a new sport, picking up a sport from years back or attempting to do something difficult.

Let me know how it's going so we can support each other along the way! 

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