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Hitch a Ride Back in Time

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Posted on January 30th, 2013 at 1:56 pm

For 40 years, Gary Stratton specialized in restoring Porsches until his son recognized a growing trend and started restoring the iconic VW microbus. 

Now, the buses are filling up the garage while the Porsches wait their turn.

It's a trend that's gaining popularity. The Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction company recently sold a 23-window, 1963 bus for $217,000 -- more than a Rolls-Royce from the same year.

Why? Because Baby Boomers didn't drive Rolls-Royces in college; they drove microbuses. 

Gary and his son, Jason, explain how they restore these vintage vehicles and why their customers tell them it's like stepping into a time machine. Find out which parts they restore with authentic VW parts and which parts get sports car upgrades for the 21st century.

For more information contact Gary Stratton at Stratton Motorsports: (407) 421-1911


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Technology - Vehicles
GB Topics
GB Topics - The Way It Was
Relationships - Family


volkswagon - auction - rolls-royce - barret-jackson - 1960s - jason stratton - 1970s - baby boomers - gary stratton - vw microbus - vintage - bus

Technology - Vehicles, GB Topics, Relationships, Technology, GB Topics - The Way It Was, Relationships - Family

rolls-royce - gary stratton - barret-jackson - 1970s - 1960s - volkswagon - bus - jason stratton - auction - baby boomers - vintage - vw microbus

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