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I Don't Do Well With Flying Models

Views: 343
Added: Thu. Jan 31, 2013 7:36am
Posted in: Recreation

Although I was a very experienced pilot at the time, I discovered that I had zero talent for flying remote control aircraft when after spending an extraordinary amount of time and money building my first remote controlled model plane, it catastrophically crashed on its maiden voyage strewing itself about the field into more pieces than originally came with the kit.  Being one not to give up and wanting to build something that could fly, I turned my attention to rocketry.

I built a rocket and with my two boys in tow, took it to the launch pad - the local elementary school. We three enjoyed launching the rocket and then watching it leisurely float down under its parachute which deployed automatically at the apogee of its flight.  

Being adventurous however, I discovered an ad for a rather large engine that would fit my rocket and eagerly ordered and installed it when it finally arrived.  The next day, it was back to the launch pad anxious to watch what would now be a considerably higher, more exciting flight and hence a rather extended descent back to earth.

We launched the rocket and watched in amazement at the power and rapidity of its ascent.  We were completely fascinated as it continued to climb and climb and unfortunately climb.  Finally, on a very clear afternoon, it disappeared from sight, never to be seen again - at least by us!  We of course fantasized that we had launched our rocket into orbit.  Perhaps we did!

I gave up on building flying objects and built a remote controlled car!  I never lost it.

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