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When Art Goes Boom

Views: 670
Added: Thu. Jan 31, 2013 9:00am
Posted in: Arts

Bill Shafer knows just about everybody and just about every story in Orlando. So when he asked if I wanted to tag along and take some pictures while he stopped to check in on the owners of Boom-Art in Orlando, I jumped in the car.

After all, could you pass up a chance to see this place in person?

As soon as I walked in, I was struck by the colors. And the colorful owners. Glenn and Sandy Rogers are always "on," you know? Quick with a smile or to try and make a deal, but above all...passionate about their work.

That came through in every piece in the shop, and I admit to taking more pictures than we needed (we're doing a feature on Boom-Art in an upcoming issue of the Growing Bolder Magazine). I just couldn't stop myself. Everything was a collectible. And everything screamed "remember me!"

The video above paints the picture better than I can in words, but if you're in Orlando, make sure you stop by. Glenn features memorabilia from some of history's best television shows as well as original art, and he also takes custom orders.


I have my eye on a few Audrey Hepburn pieces, since my daughter is named Audrey, and I was also struck by some of the furniture. I am so glad that I stepped away from the desk this week and took a journey into one of our stories!


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