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Dolls, Dolls Everywhere, but Which Is Right for Your Granddaughter?

Views: 371
Added: Thu. Jan 31, 2013 10:27am

Thinking about buying your favorite little girl a new doll? If she doesn't already have a collection going, you might find yourself at a loss in the doll aisle. From fashion dolls to collector dolls, how can you navigate the world of dolls? Here are some of the year's most popular dolls that are well worth your consideration.


American Girl Dolls


American Girl makes historically accurate 18-inch dolls that feature various times in America's history. The dolls come with an extensive selection of clothing and accessories, including books that give them a back-story, and some girls become quite the collectors. With the addition of the American Girl store, where you can have tea with your doll or take your doll to the salon, the experience is almost as much fun as the dolls themselves. With the high price tag on these dolls, you probably want to reserve them for a girl who is old enough to take care of one well, but once she is, you almost can't go wrong with American Girl.


Monster High


Monster High dolls take the popular Bratz-style fashion doll and fuse it with the zombie culture that has today's tweens going wild. These dolls, which are zombies, werewolves and a variety of other creepy crawlies, have a back-story centered around high school. Girls are going wild to collect an entire classroom of these hot dolls, and you can help your girl complete her collection with a few.




Barbie is the quintessential fashion doll. For over 50 years, girls across America have loved the stylish icon. Barbie shows girls that they can be anything they want to be, from a teacher to a rocket scientist, and look great doing it. One popular trend this year for Barbies is themed Barbies, like those matching hot musicians or movies.


Little Mommy Bedtime Baby


Little Mommy Bedtime Baby is great for the little mommy in your life. When you put her pacifier in her mouth, she plays a simple lullaby and lights up ever so slightly to help your little girl fall asleep peacefully. During the day, she is a soft plaything perfect for playing house. If your little one is not quite ready for the fashion doll genre, consider this sweet doll as her next plaything.


Baby Alive Dolls


Baby Alive has been offering the preschool set dolls with lifelike actions for many years. Right now they have two popular dolls that little girls are gaga over: the Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk Doll and the Baby Alive Beautiful Now Doll. The Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk Doll lets your little girl literally teach the doll how to walk, just as you did for her not that long ago. She also says over 40 phrases. The Baby Alive Beautiful Now Baby has soft hair that little girls can style and comb. She comes with toy scissors and a working spray bottle for the aspiring stylist in your life.


Nothing is quite as fundamental to girlhood as a quality doll. With these five options, you can give your granddaughter a plaything that will help her develop intellectual and social skills she needs for the future. No matter how old your little girl is, there is still a doll out there for her.

Holly is an Indianapolis native with a passion for writing and living a healthy lifestyle. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands she uses.

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