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#AgeOp Chat May 14, 2009

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Discussion Started on May 18 2009 at 11:10:48 am

#AgeOp Chat May 14, 2009

The Age of Opportunity is an informal think tank for people to discuss issues that affect the 50+ market -- from media, entertainment, sports, health and more.

The Age of Opportunity Chat happens live on Thursday nights from 9-10pm, on Twitter.com. It is organized by members of the Growing Bolder staff, but it is an independent project. Industry experts will attend as guest hosts to facilitate the discussion and answer your questions!

Here are some of the hundreds of tweets posted during the May 14, 2009, Age of Opportunity Chat. If you'd like to see all of the responses, go to search.twitter.com
and type in #ageop. Feel free to leave comments and questions below in this forum!


Twitter problems hampered the chat this week, with replies on a near 20-minute delay! We soldiered on, talking about the Farrah Fawcett documentary, the difference between parenting and grandparenting, lessons learned that we wish we could go back and do over in our lives and more.

Because the Twitter delays were so extreme, we're not going to archive the discussion this week. If you'd like to see what replies did go through, you can use Twitter's search engine. Otherwise, we hope you'll use the participant list above to find some new friends!

Missed the chat? Have something new to contribute? Feel free to leave replies and comments in this discussion, or join us every Thursday night for The Age of Opportunity chat on Twitter. Just enter this phrase "#ageop" and then follow the chat. We like Tweetchat.com -- you can log in with your Twitter name and password, then enter the ageop room and you'll be able to control the speed of the discussion and more. You can also follow by going to search.twitter.com and typing in #ageop. 


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