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5 Questions With...

Posted October 21, 2008, 11:46 am in News

We love learning from people who live life without fear; who prove it's not about age, it's about attitude. So we go in search of interesting characters, and ask them five (and many times more!) questions -- check it out!

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For Bobbe Lyon, pain was something she couldn't get rid of. A widow at 45, she had emotional pain and severe back problems were the cause of her physical pain. The counselor had tried everything with no avail. Her answer, however, unknowingly came in the mail. Lyon She talks with Growing Bolder about how humor became such an important part of her life and answers questions about her past, present and future.

On June 28, Kelly Perkins' life came full circle. Twelve years ago, Perkins made the trek alongside the Half Dome Mountain with her newly received donor heart. This time, however, she literally took the high road and climbed the mountain instead of hiking around it. Perkins, a heart transplant recipient, has made it her life's goal to send the message out and raise awareness of the need for organ and tissue donations.

Richard Doster has always had a passion for writing, and a love for sports. Now, he's living a new dream, by combining the two, and he's found a new career as an author. Having spent 25+ years in the advertising business, Doster knows how to market products; now he's marketing himself. With his novel "Safe at Home" in hand, and his wife by his side, Doster hit the road on a tour of baseball parks, to share his story of baseball in the 1950s, and what it meant to be a black player during a time of racism and discrimination. Recently, Doster talked with Growing Bolder about what drove him to write this book, and shared the challenges and joys of the business.

She loves learning new things, and she shares her stories right here on Growing Bolder. Simply Deb has been a great supporter of our Web site, and so we wanted to know -- what makes her tick? It turns out, there's so much to learn about Deb, we had to extend our 5 Questions With segment, and offer bonus material! Read on to learn more about how she has found big-time happiness in a small town, and why her family has helped shape her attitude. Plus, learn more about her leadership in the Red Hat Society, and see why she's not nearly done going after her goals!

In our continuing series 5 Questions With, Growing Bolder asks some of the most interesting and unique people in the world about what drives them " then we share their answers with you! It's all about building a community of people who are living life without fear and inspiring others. Ellen Whitehurst, a guest on The Growing Bolder Radio Show, is a writer who helps others find happiness through holistic medicine, feng shui and more. But her path to success and financial freedom was a long and winding one, that started on Wall Street.

In our ongoing series called "5 Questions With," Growing Bolder looks for insight and advice from people who are living life with attitude, proving that it's never too late to go after dreams. Growing Bolder member Dave Knechel has made quite an impression with his unique profile picture, and as we found out, he's been able to smile through some tough times, and to come out offering inspiration to others.

Dr. Mary Hilaire Tavenner
She's a former nun, a writer, a businesswoman and much more -- and now, she's sharing her story with Growing Bolder! See why Dr. Mary Hilaire Tavenner spends so much time on a labor of love, and what lessons you can learn from her.

Alice Hornbaker
Never did she dream in a 60-year career that included becoming an author, a book editor, magazine editor, newspaper feature writer, radio and television personality and listed in Who’s Who, that some day she’d retire to a community of retirees. But Alice Hornbaker did exactly that, and says it was the best decision of her life.

Natalie Tucker Miller
If you're going to call yourself a sage -- ageless or not -- you'd better be able to back it up! So when we met Natalie Tucker Miller on Twitter, we wanted to know what she's all about. It turns out -- she walks the walk. As founder of Ageless-Sages, Miller has found a way to use a personal passion to make a difference.

Lynn Smythe
She's cycling for a cause, and not only changing the world -- changing her own life for the better! When we met Lynn Smythe on Twitter, we were hooked on her stories of travel, family, friends and most of all -- fun! See what The Bike Diva says about heroes, having fun, and staying active.

Elli Fordyce
Born and bred in Manhattan, entertainer Elli Fordyce lives by the motto "it's never too late." That phrase is enough to pique GB's interest, and once we got to know what she's all about we knew we needed to share her spirit with you. We actually "discovered" Elli through a Twitter friend, and are thrilled to let you in on her dreams and passions.

Jackie Silver
Jackie Silver is passionate about aging backwards -- and helping others reach their true potential. She has some forward-thinking ideas when it comes to aging, healthcare, media and much more, and believes, just like Growing Bolder, that it's not about age, it's about attitude.

Bob Creson
It's never too late to make a difference in someone else's life. Bob Creson holds that truth closely, and exemplifies the giving spirit every day through his work at Wycliffe USA. As president and chief executive officer of the organization since 2003, it's Creson's mission to help people all around the world learn more about religion, and get access to the Bible, in addition to providing education, literacy and life-saving health information.

Alan Kitty
He may have died in 1910, but Mark Twain is alive, well, and living it up in the 21st century! It's all thanks to performer Alan Kitty, who calls Twain an amazing inspiration.

Cat Cora
Is there anything Cat Cora can't do? This busy chef, mom and TV star is also a big believer in giving back – The first and only female Iron Chef on Food Network's hit show, Iron Chef America, Cat is also a two-time author and philanthropist, founding and presiding over her charity, Chefs for Humanity.

Karen Pierce Gonzalez
She's a big-time media guru who helps get her clients in the news. But what really drives this go-getter is a passion for good storytelling, and helping people get their own journeys to the masses.

Eileen Miller
Autism is an illness that affects an estimated 1 to 1.5 million Americans, and is the fastest-growing developmental disability. Each person with autism shows different behaviors, and the disease affects the entire family. That's something Eileen Miller can speak to. Her daughter Kim suffers from autism, but the two are now working together to prove that art is a universal language that can unlock the amazing gifts that those with autism have.

Duke Barrett

Duke Barrett has seen more tragedy and hope in his life than many of us will ever be exposed to -- and in many cases, he saw both in one place: Vietnam. Now, Barrett is sharing the stories of veterans just like him in a new book that focuses on the tragedies of war, as well as love and loss. The Wall of Broken Dreams, according to Barrett, is "a reminder of the true costs of war we pay as individuals and society alike."

Sheila Weinstein

Sheila Weinstein was only 11 years old when she met her future husband, and she and her soulmate spent 42 years in wedded bliss. When he died, Sheila found herself alone. Determined not to be lonely, she decided to forge a new life -- but how to begin? She says she decided to fight for her place in life, and started writing to release her grief.

Debbie Zipp

What happens when you combine "girl power" with "boomer power?" A new catch phrase coined by Debbie Zipp and her partners at In the Trenches Productions: "Women over 40 Power!" These ladies make and market amazing movies for and about women over the age of 40. And since GB believes that it's not about age, it's about attitude -- we knew she'd be a great addition to our 5 Questions With series.

Lori Cunniff

Lori Cunniff, the Manager of the Orange County (FL) Environmental Protection Division, has devoted her career to helping the environment. She's worked all over the country, and has been in the field for more than 25 years. So we decided to put her to the test, in a special “green” version of 5 Questions With!

Joan Sherlock
Remember that old commercial that ended with the tag line, “I'm not only the president; I'm a member?” Joan Sherlock could claim the same thing when it comes to her new project -- an online community for empty nesters. A professional career coach and consultant, Joan is also a mother of three adult girls. She's engaging, passionate, funny and caring, and her answers are proof!

Melody Pierson

Most of us would consider 51 middle age. But for Melody Pierson, it was almost the end of her life. The busy mother of two found herself on oxygen 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while waiting for a double-lung transplant. See how she turned her life around and is now celebrating every day.

M.J. Neary

Marina Julia Neary is an award-winning historical essayist, multilingual arts & entertainment journalist, published poet, playwright, actress, dancer and choreographer. A specialist on the obscure works of Victor Hugo, she has lectured at the French Alliance. Her historical tragicomedy "Hugo in London," featuring the adventures of the French literary genius in England during the Crimean War was produced in 2008 and recently acquired by Heuer Publishing.

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  • Posted 8:51am January 29th, 2009

    This is a really great idea. I enjoy reading the thoughts of all these impressive men and women. I feel like I know them personally. Thanks GB!

  • Posted 8:47am January 29th, 2009
    This is a really great idea. I enjoy reading the thoughts of all these impressing men and women. I feel like I know them personally. Thanks GB!

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