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Growing Bolder® TV Expands Program Access to Viewers With Visual Impairment

Posted July 28, 2011, 9:35 am in Entertainment

Growing Bolder TV, produced by Bolder Broadcasting, Inc., proudly announces that it will offer DVI, or Descriptive Video Information, as a feature on all episodes of Season 3, distributed by American Public Television in January 2012.

Through a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education, in connection with the National Captioning Institute, DVI will provide access to Growing Bolder for people who are blind or have low vision. NCI Described Video can be heard through the Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) option on the Multi-channel Television Sound (MTS) feature on most newer televisions and can usually be accessed through the remote control. The DVI process provides vivid descriptions of a program’s visual elements during pauses in the dialogue, so it does not interrupt or adversely affect the storytelling that Growing Bolder is so well-known for.

"Since Growing Bolder is all about inspiring people to overcome obstacles and celebrate the possibilities of life, we thought it was important that we make our program accessible to everyone in every way possible," says Growing Bolder Executive Producer Katy Widrick. "It requires additional production steps for us, but we believe all producers and programs should be willing to provide this valuable feature for viewers."

An estimated 12 million Americans are visually impaired, and DVI makes it possible for them to enjoy programming, including the action, characters, sets and more.

Other prominent public media programs that feature DVI include:
  • Ken Burns’ The National Parks, America’s Best Idea
  • Globe Trekker
  • Travelscope
  • Nature
  • Christina Cooks
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog
  • Everyday Food
  • Sesame Street
  • Word Girl
Growing Bolder is produced by an Emmy Award-winning team and delivers empowering stories that inspire audiences of all ages to believe that it’s never too late to achieve their dreams. Currently airing on public television stations nationwide, Growing Bolder also airs on CreateTV® and will deliver a new 13-week run of episodes in January 2010.

Local listings can be found here: http://growingboldertv.com/schedule/.

About Bolder Broadcasting, Inc.
Bolder Broadcasting, Inc. is among the world leaders in active lifestyle content creation and delivery across multiple platforms. Bolder provides video production, social media and marketing services. Its products include the social networking website http://GrowingBolder.com, The Growing Bolder TV Show and The Growing Bolder Radio Show. Bolder Broadcasting’s Bolder Media Group is the winner of the Vision Media Award, given to the media organization that's done the most to promote a positive image of aging.

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