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92-Year-Old "Car Lady" Rachel Veitch Meets The Tonight Show's Jay Leno

Posted August 11, 2010, 8:40 am in GB Exclusives

Rachel and Chariot Meet Jay Leno!

Rachel and Jay | Jay's Surprise for Rachel

She has millions of fans all over the world -- all because of her love for a special car, and for her independence. In August 2010, Growing Bolder's Rachel Veitch saw a dream come true...meeting another car-crazed celebrity.

Unfortunately, the video is no longer available on Leno's website, but we've got enough videos to keep you entertained! Follow Rachel's journey, from our first meeting with her in 2007 to her unexpected stardom.

-- Romancing the Road (11 Million views and counting!)
-- Life's Odometer: Smiles Per Gallon
-- Gun Totin', Flag Wavin' Sparkplug
-- Rachel Joins the GB.com Community
-- The Growing Bolder TV Show: Riding With Rachel
-- The Today Show Rolls With Rachel
-- Rachel Veitch: International Celebrity
--The Ride of her Life

Our gal pal, 92-year-old Rachel Veitch, has really hit the big time. When our original story on Rachel and Chariot started racking up millions of pageviews, the rest of the media took notice. Rachel has been featured on TV and radio stations nationwide, including the Today Show. She’s been in major newspapers and thousands of blogs.

And in August 2010, Rachel's dream came true -- she appeared on NBC's The Tonight Show with fellow car lover, Jay Leno. And she wasn’t alone. The Tonight Show also shipped Chariot from Florida to California for the show.

We stopped by to see Rachel off as she was whisked to the airport in style. And true to form, Rachel told us she has a few demands of Mr. Leno.

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  • Posted 3:38pm August 25th, 2010

     I am a car fanatic ,and if my wife only understood cars like Rachel does what a wonderul life it would be. Rachel is a very special lady. I bet she takes care of everything she owns, just like she does that car. That is how we car lovers are.
    Rachel, I got to see your car up in Carlisle, Pa.
    Rick In Md.

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