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Historic Leap Of Faith

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Posted on August 28th, 2007 at 4:24 pm

When Joe Kittinger parachuted from space, he not only made history, he also paved the way to save the lives of future space travelers.

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Technology - Space
GB Topics - Never Too Late
GB Topics - The Way It Was
Technology - Science


parachute - space history - space travel - space - nasa - space shuttle - safety - joe kittinger

Technology - Space, Technology, GB Topics - Never Too Late, GB Topics - The Way It Was, Technology - Science

space travel - safety - parachute - space - joe kittinger - space shuttle - space history - nasa

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  • Posted 1:57pm April 17th, 2011

    Joe Kittinger has been one of my heroes for many years.  I thought I was doing something amazing when I jumped out of an airplane at 22,000 feet.  That was kid stuff!

    Sandy Scott 

  • Posted 6:23pm February 7th, 2008
    These are the true heroes, not the football players and basketball players America seems so intent on adoring.

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