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    • Two Voices Separated by 1 Generation

      PAINT ME A PRETTY PICTURE I had tried to take classes for years but every time I did the memory of that art room from long ago stopped me cold. I knew I had it in me to take advantage of what was offered in other rooms like that but the memories...

      Views: 1,611
      Added: 2009-05-15 10:25

      Posted in: Other

    • All The World's A Stage

      All The World's A Stage- I've been dancing, singing, acting, making art and telling stories since I was 4 years old. When I saw my parents going through a divorce at such a young age, performing was a perfect opportunity to express myself in a healthy...

      Views: 1,181
      Added: 2009-05-14 21:16

      Posted in: Arts

    • Medicare...What's with this? I need feedback!

      For the past year my husband has been on pills for his cancer. He takes them for 21 days and then off a week and once a week he takes steriod pills. We have been paying $189 a month for the 21 pills. May 31 he turns 65, so on May 1 he went on Medicare....

      Views: 1,102
      Added: 2009-05-14 16:56

      Posted in: Medicine

    • Fannie's White Wolf

      Camp has observed several juvenile males digging clams and scavenging along the tide line, and of course, Fannie's white wolf friend was laying a short distance away waiting for her to pump water, as is her morning ritual.

      Views: 510
      Added: 2009-05-14 12:55

      Posted in: Travel

    • Tigger Forecast

      Tigger (weather cat) was on her back last night, after 8pm - but with the weather clear this morning I thought she was wrong - she wasn't! Our plane was loaded and taxiing for takeoff when Fannie called in from the Camp and said the weather was 0/0 - so...

      Views: 442
      Added: 2009-05-14 12:53

      Posted in: Travel

    • Views: 433
      Added: 2009-05-14 11:18

      Posted in: Living

    • Tall, Dark, Handsome and a Little Neurotic?

      In a study of baby boomer adults over the age of 50, women get an added health benefit when paired with a mate who is conscientious and a little neurotic. While both men and women benefit from being paired with a conscientious mate, researchers say only...

      Views: 1,116
      Added: 2009-05-14 10:33

    • The Most Inspiring Boomer Woman of the Summer 2009

      Boomer Diva Nation wants to know who you think is the Most Inspiring Boomer Woman for the Summer of 2009.She could be your girlfriend, someone you met on Growing Bolder, Facebook or Twitter, your mom or other relative. She could even be YOU!Boomer Diva...

      Views: 612
      Added: 2009-05-13 20:16

    • Wednesday Update: 051309

      Fannie, our Camp Manager, has a new friend...a white wolf, that seems to want to follow her everywhere. Same wolf that has been seen with the bears on the shore. More on this soon...

      Views: 712
      Added: 2009-05-13 13:40

      Posted in: Guided Tours

    • Weather: Wednesday 051309, morning

      Observed Weather at Hallo Bay CampWeather Conditions: ClearObserved Aircraft in Area: noneVisibility: 10 milesCeiling: ClearWind: 1mph out of WestWind Gusts: to 1 mphCurrent Temp: 39.3FHigh Daytime Temp Yesterday: 58.9FBarometric Pressure: 30.00 and...

      Views: 552
      Added: 2009-05-13 13:37

      Posted in: Adventure

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