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    • Executive Producer Katy Widrick 2.jpg
      GB Staff
      Whoa, Bo! There's a New First Dog

      Theres a new top dog at The White House. And it's not Barack Obama.Meet Bo, the most famous Portuguese Water Dog in America. (He already has his own Wikipedia page!) Bo is the furry fulfillment of a campaign promise by President Obama and First Lady...

      Views: 1,678
      Added: 2009-04-15 11:00

      Posted in: Pets

    • Helen's Wisdom

      Recently, a new personal development program found its way to myemail. Is is based on the knowledge of Helen Hadsell. Helen is 83years young, and wrote the book, Contesting: The Name It and ClaimIt Game back in 1971. Helen has won every contest she...

      Views: 825
      Added: 2009-04-15 00:52

    • Petty Grudges

      Some people hold grudges, and I don’t think it’s a good thing. “Get over it!” is what I say. Here’s one example: Fifty years ago (yes, 50!!) I did one small thing wrong and got my whole Girl Scout troop (Troop 354) in trouble. Even now, after...

      Views: 1,080
      Added: 2009-04-14 20:29

      Posted in: Writing

    • 3/11/11
      GB Staff
      Views: 1,362
      Added: 2009-04-14 19:00

      Posted in: Music

    • Fork It Over!

      I looked up “pay the piper,” and one of the definitions is: “to receive punishment for something.” Some people think that taxes are that form of punishment. And, we tried so hard to make that money, didn’t we? There are so many conundrums...

      Views: 1,384
      Added: 2009-04-14 12:58

      Posted in: Other

    • If You Were Harmed By A Vaccine, Could You Take Legal Action?

      We found a compelling article from HealthTruthRevealed.com about what rights people who suffer from injuries associated with vaccines actually have. The information might surprise you...find out...

      Views: 891
      Added: 2009-04-13 17:08

      Posted in: Medicine

    • Fishin' with Frank on Cable 68

      When I moved to Orlando from New Jersey, my old friends from up there came up with the idea that we would have an annual party, like The Big Chill movie. All (or most of my good friends) would meet every summer at the beach house in Beach Haven, NJ. My...

      Views: 939
      Added: 2009-04-13 14:19

      Posted in: Other

    • Too Much Information

      I have a confession to make. Yesterday, I ate too many carbs and caused my blood pressure to spike. The culprit was my arch-nemesis, the root of all evil, mashed potatoes. I can walk away from the pie with a tiny slice. I can eat one cookie. I can pass on...

      Views: 893
      Added: 2009-04-13 12:29

    • Sweet Potatoes are not Yams

      It's true that we do have the opportunity to learn something new every day. Kitchens and cooking are not one of my areas of expertise, so it's not common for me to be passing-on advice about food. I never realized until I did a Google search this...

      Views: 1,635
      Added: 2009-04-12 13:56

      Posted in: Cooking

    • Danger, Will Robinson! Holiday Food!

      Holidays are dangerous times for diabetics and dieters, and I fall into both categories. Here's how I try to make it through the day without landing myself in a coma.First, most people don't seem to know that diabetes is not about avoiding sugar. It's...

      Views: 1,480
      Added: 2009-04-12 10:59

      Posted in: Weight Loss

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