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    • Why Negative Thoughts Affect Your Health

      If you’ve ever wondered why some people naturally attract friends and you don’t, it may be that too often you wear your heart on your sleeve. Maybe you appear angry at all sorts of things so you’re not especially pleasant to be around. Think...

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      Added: 2014-08-26 14:17

      Posted in: Mental Health

    • Delicious Peaches by Laura

      Laura and I love to shop at a place called "Sweetwater" in Amish Country of Ohio. It is an authentic farm market and reminds me of the days growing up on the apple orchard. They grow a ton of vegetables and flowers of all shapes, sizes and varieties. In...

      Views: 1,410
      Added: 2014-08-25 20:43

      Posted in: Music

    • More music from the CIgar Box Guitar Fest NW in Eugene Oregon

      click here Listen to more of the Cigar Box Guitar Fest NW's best music from the Jerry Zybach band

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      Added: 2014-08-25 00:03

      Posted in: Music

    • Life After 50

      wmkvfm.org Internet public radio 8-25-14 Cincinnati Ohio ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello. This is Alice Hornbaker with my column “Life after 50” that is heard around the world...

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      Added: 2014-08-24 16:49

      Posted in: News

    • We are here today, gone tomorrow

      Over the past year I have seen a man fight for his life who has only had two years to see his child smile, I have seen a little boy the same age as mine fight for his life, and one lose his life. These moments are tough for all of us, losing someone...

      Views: 2,057
      Added: 2014-08-23 01:59

      Posted in: Lifelong Learning

    • Random thoughts

      More thunder! Today I fell in love with Monsoons. It’s a Friday afternoon, five o’clock-ish, and it is warm enough for tank tops and shorts. My husband and I are sitting outside on the back patio under its large stucco roof that affords us...

      Views: 3,218
      Added: 2014-08-22 14:40

      Posted in: Other

    • Norine's New LIfe @80 - General Coffin, Meet Doctor Butcher

      Yes, those are real names of Las Cruces personages who must be at the receiving end of constant jokes. I know I couldn’t resist when Dr. Butcher attended me in the Mountain View Hospital Emergency Room. However, service men under the command of...

      Views: 7,827
      Added: 2014-08-15 12:53

      Posted in: Living

    • Rush Limbaugh disses Robin WIlliams, what a creep

      click here Rush Limbaugh puts his foot in his mouth when he disses Robin Williams as the left who are perpetually unhappy, yeah with creeps like him. Unevolved male in need of a heart. Contact Rush's sponsers to tell them you won't buy their products....

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      Added: 2014-08-14 18:53

      Posted in: Entertainment

    • What to Do About Your Little Boy Husband

      By Matt W. Sandford, LMHC I don’t mean to stereotype (too much), but do you think that husbands or boyfriends come in “types”? Although I not a fan of labeling people, I do believe that there are categories of issues that people struggle with....

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      Added: 2014-08-14 13:36

      Posted in: Marriage

    • Story about a lost elephant

      click here watch this touching story of a lost elephant who gets found by a wonderful organization that saves Elephants, watch how they are nurturing this pacaderm.

      Views: 3,233
      Added: 2014-08-12 01:33

      Posted in: Adventure

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