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For Women Only

Views: 341
Added: Sun. Feb 05, 2012 12:49pm
Posted in: Writing

I do not consider myself to be a prude, but I have never enjoyed looking at other women’s bare boobs, or the rest of their bare bodies, for that matter. I think this feeling comes from Junior High when I was forced to strip and take a shower every day with the other girls in P.E. class.  Anyway, my main problem at that time was that I didn’t have any (boobs,  that is). I wore a nicely padded bra but, as you know, when you’re naked, there’s no place to put the falsies so it was what it was, which was not much. Here’s where I’m going with this story – When I realized that something was “up” where my first husband was concerned (no pun intended), I did a little (okay, a lot) of checking on our home computer. One of the first things I found, in a not-so-well-hidden email, was a photo of an elementary school teacher in Colorado. She was baring her boobs for him, and for others, I’m sure. I was taught good manners by my mother as a child so I did the right thing: I sent her a “nice” email and said the following: “Have a little respect for yourself, for cripes sake. You’re pathetic and desperate if you have to expose yourself to men you don’t even know to try to get a date or whatever it is you’re trying to get.” I also told her that, by the way, her left boob was sagging more than her right one and that she should try to find a way to prop it up before her next bare-breasted photo was taken. She never emailed me back to thank me for pointing that out. I would want to know if one of my boobs was saggier than the other, wouldn’t you? Some women are so ungrateful when you try to help them out. Anyway, a mental picture of her popped into my head: she was standing before a bunch of first graders the next morning saying, “Good morning, students.” One of them responded: “Good morning, Miss XXX, I saw my daddy looking at your photo last night on the Internet; do you know that one of your boobs is really saggy?”

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