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How Content Marketing Changed Advertising

Views: 2,326
Added: Tue. Feb 05, 2013 3:36pm
Posted in: Writing

Frustrated with the way traditional advertising has worked for your business? This article will tell you how content marketing changed advertising and why you should switch to content marketing to improve your business’ lead generation and sales volume. The traditional methods of advertising tend to get in the way of a the user or reader experience. Whether it’s a newspaper advertisement that interrupts a story or a banner ad that distracts from a page on the web, traditional advertising just gets in the way. What forward thinking companies are doing, though, is switching to content marketing, which is changing advertising’s face all across the web. Here are just a few reasons that content marketing is better than traditional advertising:

Smaller Cost

One of the biggest problems with traditional advertising is its massive up front cost. When businesses embark on a traditional advertising campaign, they must think of all the expenses they will need to pay. Monthly fees for advertising in magazines and newspapers can be astronomical, but they are nothing compared to the ever-growing cost of banner ads and pay per click ads on the Internet. In the economy today, most businesses cannot afford these massive up front costs.

Thankfully, content marketing is leveling the playing field. Smaller businesses can now compete with the big boys in terms of advertising because the cost of content marketing is next to nothing. All it costs is the effort and the time to create good quality content. With social media and search engine optimization at its heart, content marketing should be distributed and managed in a way that is highly sharable on the Internet.

Search engine optimization is another goal of content marketing. When your business is seen in a good light by more Internet-based consumers, you’ll have a wider reach and will potentially reach more people.

Become an Authoritative Voice

One of the big benefits of content marketing is that it works to establish your business as an authoritative voice in a particular field or niche. When writing content, the writer at a particular business should know its target demographic. This is important because you want to know about the person you’re targeting. Once you have an idea who they are, you can begin telling them how your company’s product or service will benefit them. This is what people want to know before they make a purchase. And, often, they do their research on the Internet. That’s where you want a bulk of your content to exist.


Two of the most important things you want with your content is consistency and regularity. When you are providing helpful information on a particular subject, and it comes out in a steady stream of regularly updated content. Users will begin to see you as the voice of authority on that subject. And, as a bonus, when customers make a sale, they are more likely to return to a company that shares helpful information.

Boost Sales

What every advertiser knows is that the volume of sales a business has depends entirely on the leads it is able to generate. Generating leads depends entirely on building a customer base. What content marketing does is help build a huge, communal customer base through engaging content that users find beneficial.

Another way that content marketing helps generate leads is through high search engine rankings. Through the strategic use of keywords and a steady content flow, content is optimized for search engines, boosting rankings. When search engine rankings are up so are leads and, in turn, sales.

Interact With Your Audience

One of the keys of content marketing is the way that it engages its audience. The key to connecting to your audience is knowing who your audience is. Once your business knows its target demographic, it can begin creating content that is geared towards it. Your goal in writing content aimed at a demographic should be to invite the audience to engage it.

A good way to do this is with success stories. Have clients who had a good experience write about them. When customers see this, they will feel led to write in with their own stories. This fosters a sense of community and connection with the company. That’s when sales are likely to be made.


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