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Lucky Pup

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Added: Sun. Sep 19, 2010 10:45am
Posted in: Pets

Lucky Pup 

There's a new dog at my house.  A baby, really, all of three months old.  I'd forgotten, after thirteen years, about how I thought that doing "the puppy thing" ever again would kill me.  Lucky is a hoot, though.  Impossible to wear out, with his moments of charm, stretches of comic entertainment, and bursts of sheer joyful destruction.  And as Paul Harvey would say, here's "the rest of the story..."


  • Posted 3:23pm September 19th, 2010

     Well Sassy, I hope your cat appreciates the solitude now, because my "spidey sense" is telling me that you'll have another dog within a year.  I've lived with dogs my whole life and it just felt, when I brought this little guy home, that a piece of my life that had been missing snapped back into place.  Now if I could only wear him out enough that we could BOTH get a nap...


  • Posted 11:50am September 19th, 2010

    I loved this story as I do all of them you write,but this one hit home for me.
    We lost our Bruno two months ago and it is so lonely. We have never been without a dog.
    I find myself looking on Craigs List and news paper ads for a puppy. On one hand I want to get another dog...then on the other I like the freedom of not having one. 
    I also have a cat who hated the dog and we had to keep them seperated. The cat now can go any place in the house she wants. I work a full 40 hours a week and don't feel like a puppy would get the care it needs. I also thought of adopting an older dog.
    My husband thinks it's not the right time yet..he may be right.
    So I guess for now the cat wins!

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