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Custom Hot Sauce

Views: 1,834
Added: Wed. Apr 01, 2009 7:07pm
Posted in: Dating

Recently my roommate broke up with his girlfriend. They have been an on-again off-again couple for a little while – but when I saw the UHaul truck pull up – I knew it was serious.

She had never lived at the condo – so I found it near-amazing that she had invested so much into our little condo.

At this moment – the living room is empty. No couch. No table. Bits of sand are the only things that remain where furniture once was.  At this point, one could be slightly bummed that there is no place to rest your feet and watch some TV – however, life goes on.

But it doesn't end with the living room...

My bathroom now lacks a mirror. I've found mirrors to be a very important part of my day.

I move into the kitchen to cook up some tuna-noodle. Tuna-noodle is one of America's inexpensive and healthy dinners, and a dish I enjoy often.  As the boiling noodles approach the two minuet warning, I pull the tuna out of the cabinet, followed by seeking the can opener. No can opener. No salt, no pepper. No sauce.

Ketchup is kind of like tomato sauce, right?

What else could I put on my noodles to spice things up? How about some of the world famous Growing Bolder Hot Sauce! Nope – thats gone too.

Who repossesses custom made Hot Sauce? 

  • Posted 1:35pm April 4th, 2009
    LOL! ok, my first bit of advice - craigslist. My daughter picked up a barely used, gorgeous sectional, chair and coffee table for $500 for her apartment.

    and second...dude, go to the grocery store. Although the hot sauce thing sort of baffles me as well. She must have been PISSED.

  • Jackie
    Jackie Carlin
    GB Staff
    Posted 10:17am April 2nd, 2009
    Not the GB hot sauce!!! Didn't she notice YOUR face on the bottle of hot sauce.

    I think this calls for legal intervention. At the very least, you could maybe get on one of those judge shows.  I mean, it's so clear that it's your hot sauce -- you're on the bottle!


  • Posted 10:24pm April 1st, 2009


     It looks like you guy's need a little spice in your lives....lol

    Hope you get some soon!!


  • come awn!
    Pat Narciso
    GB Staff
    Posted 7:10pm April 1st, 2009
    correction: that was never your salt, pepper, or hot sauce. My hot sauce has been stolen!!

Pat Narciso

come awn!
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