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The Baseball Bet

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Added: Fri. Jun 06, 2008 3:15pm
Posted in: Baseball

It started when Marc and I grabbed a seat -- the first time we'd rested in hours.  Marc, Jason and I were at the Major League Baseball draft, covering an amazing event.  Former player Dave Winfield helped organize a symbolic draft for surviving Negro League players who never had a chance to play in the big leagues.  They were the stars *before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier.

But back to the bet.  Marc and I were sitting in the empty stands at Walt Disney World's baseball field (Champion Stadium).  Jason was shooting some video of the field, and Marc and I got to talking.

He asked me, "How long do you think it would take to run from home plate to first base?"  I gave it some thought, then told him I thought I could make it in 12 seconds.  I saw the wheels in his head turning, and then he offered up this bet: run the bases -- in my high heels -- in 1:45.  My counter-offer: run the bases -- in my bare feet -- in 1:30.

The bet?  $5.  And with that, my shoes came off -- I took the field ... and it truly was a field of dreams.  Check out this piece that Jason edited for us!

**Blogger's note: the pants I was wearing were already about 3 inches too long for me, even in heels.  So when I took the heels off, the pants dragged!  Keep that in mind when you consider the difficult of the task ahead.

Also, if you'd like to see the story that we did on the draft, click here.

  • Posted 8:27pm July 25th, 2008

    Awesome!!! What a sucker bet! Doesn't he know that our children are the most

    beautiful, smart, unbeatable, etc young people ever born into this world. They

    can do anything; sports, music. languages, science, math, cooking, walk on water

    (lol). Auntie Chris (Las Vegas)



  • Posted 10:26am July 24th, 2008

    As one person said, go girl.  Marc should have known it was in your gene's to run those bases.  Your Aunt's were all Athletic.  Your Grandpa was even sort of an athletic person.  Your mother was a real good swimmer and tennis player.  I would guess 40 seconds for you to run the bases.

    Grandpa Al

  • Posted 6:42am July 24th, 2008
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!  Towanda!!!

  • Ann2-13.jpg
    Posted 2:36pm June 12th, 2008
    Katy, how is it that Marc didn't run the bases? That would have been fun to watch. You could have bet more and had dinner by seeing how many time he could run it in the same amount of time as you. LOL

  • Marc Middleton.jpg
    Marc Middleton
    GB Staff
    Posted 11:29am June 7th, 2008
    I was hustled. I later learned that Katy has been training for her first-ever triathlon.

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