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Health Care

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Added: Thu. Aug 27, 2009 3:52pm

 Many people are missing the point when it comes to the Heath Care Debate. The Health Care Bill is finally the straw that has broken the average American's back. People are upset that in a very short period of time, this administration continues to spend money and push this country into debt. Through stimulus packages ,TARPS, and bailouts, we are not only bankrupting our generation, but placing an unfair tax burden on the next.

     If you as a consumer followed the government game plan -- spending money you don't have, you would eventually be filing for bankruptcy. If you could spend your way into economic prosperity, I'm sure people and governments would have figured this out a long time a go.

    Before you can discuss the pros and cons of the Health Care Bill, you have to know what is contained in the bill. To the amazement of just about everyone, not one Senator has admitted that he read or understood the bill in it's entirety, yet the President expected them to vote on it before the summer recess. This is madness, and only contributes to the feeling of many, that big government can not be trusted and is certainly not the vehicle to put this country on the right road to prosperity. If somehow you are one of the chosen few who can read and understand all of this gobbledygook, then you must decide if we can afford to pay for this bill -- we can't. The country is in the middle of a deep recession. The cost of the bill is staggering. And for all of the money spent on the various stimulus packages, unemployment continues to rise to dangerous levels.

    Health Care Reform is a noble and important piece of legislation, but let's not throw out the baby with the bath water. We should make modifications to our present system, and do it in a fiscally responsible way. Show the American people that you have a plan that achieves results, rather than playing Russian Roulette with the economic health of the country.

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