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Brain Fitness Games

A recent survey reveals that U.S. adults fear Alzheimer's more than heart disease, diabetes or stroke. But several new studies prove that mental decline is not inevitable and, in many ways, the brain can get better with age.

So what can you do to keep your brain healthy and alert? Noted brain expert, Dr. Paul D. Nussbaum, says, "You want to feel like you're mentally sweating and you want to do it every day." In other words, give the grey matter a workout. A good place to start is with some entertaining brain games.

Brain Health Experts on GB

  • Paul-Nussbaum-2-1x1.jpg
    Dr. Paul Nussbaum

    It turns out -- sitting on the couch and watching TV really can shorten your life! We speak with one of the most respected expert on brain health and ask him to share his five tips for saving your mind.

  • Michael Cole.jpg
    Michael Cole

    Science has proven that the right kind of games can help adults stay mentally sharp. Fit Brains CEO Michael Cole says the game should also be fun.

8 Ways to Keep Your Brain Fit

  1. Play our brain fitness games courtesy of FitBrains.com
  2. Increase your physical activity. Exercise stimulates blood flow and boosts hormones. The brain likes that.
  3. Cross-train your brain. Mix it up because doctors say no single activity can sustain mental acuity.
  4. Socialize. If you live in isolation, you drastically increase the risk of developing dementia.
  5. Chill out. Stress hormones kill brain cells. You need them.
  6. Sleep in. We're a sleep-deprived society. Sleep deprivation is harmful to the brain.
  7. Just say no. Nicotine, drugs and alcohol decrease the blood flow in the brain and can cause premature aging.
  8. Take supplements. Research shows that Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) and a good multiple vitamin promote brain health.

GB Brain Fitness Games

  • Picture 2.png
    Wild Word Garden - Click to Play

    Wild Word Garden combines a variety of language skills into a colorful garden-building game. You are a gardener that nurtures plants from seedlings into full, beautiful blooms. This diverse assortment of plants can be added to your very own garden plot, along with an assortment of special "Wild Card" decorations. Good luck, and happy gardening!

  • Picture 4.png
    Paradise Island - Click to Play

    Paradise Island is a collection of word-construction mini-games set in a variety of beautiful tropical themes. You will alternate between syllable construction and letter/word building activities while collecting exotic trinkets and rewards. Wouldn't you love to sip your favorite tropical drink on the white sand beach on your very own Paradise Island?

  • Picture 5.png
    Street of Dreams - Click to Play

    Street of Dreams blends attention and memory exercises into an increasingly-challenging, dream home building game. You are an up-and-coming architect, looking to become a world-renowned builder. You purchase land and construct homes in an effort to create a valuable "Street of Dreams." Earn enough cash to build your Ultimate Dream Home.


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