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  • Jane-Hursh-smile4x3.jpg
    Vol. 200: On a Mission

    We're on a mission to change lives. That's why we're excited to announce how a federal grant will help us make Growing Bolder accessible to millions of people with visual impairments. Plus, see how people are changing their lives to save lives.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 1,795
    Added: 2011-07-28 14:14

  • Joe-Lee-ribbon4x3.jpg
    Vol. 199: Gospel of Good

    Want to know how to succeed in business? Use your heart. Plus, find out the secrets to becoming a viral video star. And catch up with GB reporter Wendy Chioji in the mountains of France -- if you can.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 1,143
    Added: 2011-07-28 14:12

  • Horn-Man4x3.jpg
    Vol. 198: Get Noisy

    From a conch to a tuba, Bill Nemoyten plays them all. See how the uses his unique collection to delight audiences and spread his passion for music. We say good-bye to legendary TV producer Sherwood Schwartz, who spoke to us months before his death.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 989
    Added: 2011-07-28 14:10

  • Mary-Anne-Cooper-pool4x3.jpg
    Vol. 197: Miracle of Life

    With every stroke, 96-year-old swimmer Mary Anne Cooper redefines what it means to age. Plus, the fittest truck driver in America is smashing some stereotypes himself and in the process, changing lives. And we've got some must-see TV this summer!

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 1,086
    Added: 2011-07-28 14:07

  • Kay-Mullally-grads4x3.jpg
    Vol. 196: Independence

    From coast to coast, people all across this great country of ours are discovering one simple truth -- it's not about age; it's about attitude. Plus, we share the secrets to living to a Healthy 100.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 1,110
    Added: 2011-06-30 16:47

  • Bob-Sutz4x3.jpg
    Vol. 195: Never Forget

    An artist is dedicating his life -- and his extraordinary talents -- to make sure no one forgets (or doubts) one of the darkest chapters in human history. Plus, the GB Radio Show is now available on new stations across the country. Find out where.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 1,406
    Added: 2011-06-30 16:49

  • Rod-Price4x3.jpg
    Vol. 194: The Long View

    Rod Price discovered joy again in the grueling sport of adventure canoeing. Find out what it's like to really unplug from the world. Plus, find out how Key West is Growing Bolder and how a 90-year-old just broke a world record in triathlons.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 1,150
    Added: 2011-06-30 16:53

  • Susan-Helmrich-4x3.jpg
    Vol. 193: Sunny Futures

    She is a survivor of one of the deadliest drug legacies of all time. Meet the incredible Susan Helmrich, plus see how Growing Bolder is helping people of all ages live to a Healthy 100!

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 1,695
    Added: 2011-06-30 16:55

  • Betty-Wall4x3.jpg
    Vol. 192: Fly Girls

    At a time when women were grounded, Betty Wall and others showed the world that yes, girls can soar high above the skies by piloting fighter planes during World War II. Plus, find out about our new partnership with the Orlando Sentinel.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 1,644
    Added: 2011-06-30 16:58

  • Siphiwe-Baleka4x3.jpg
    Vol. 191: The Long Haul

    Are you sharing your passions with your kids? See how one man is returning to the sport of his youth and bringing his family along for the ride. Plus, the word is spreading across the nation about Growing Bolder! See who's talking about us now.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 1,540
    Added: 2011-05-31 13:32

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