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Meet the New Faces of Breast Cancer Survivors

A generation ago, a breast cancer diagnosis often equaled a death sentence. Although entirely too many women still die of the disease every year, progress is being made. And it's not just the treatments that are changing. Women are rewriting the rules on what it means to be a survivor. They're competing in triathlons, they're posing for saucy calendars, they're doing things no one else has done before, and they're roaring like dragons.


Taking The Plunge Indoors

More times than not, the one thing that gets in the way of trying something new is fear! What if there was a way to eliminate it? Would you be willing to try something like scuba diving? At the AARP National Convention, the Diving Equipment Marketing Association set up an indoor pool to find out.

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The Story of Funny

We've loved her since she was That Girl, and now Marlo Thomas brings us a big dose of fun with her new memoir, "Growing Up Laughing." Marlo shares stories about her youth and how she realized from a young age that you can get yourself out of a lot of corners if you can make someone laugh.

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America's Centenarian Sweetheart

What does it take to not only live to 100 but to still be vibrant? Elsa Hoffman is a shining example of how aging can be. As she prepares to celebrate her 103rd birthday, Elsa says she doesn't fight her age, she embraces it. Find out how she's celebrating every step of life, with friends and a few drinks!

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Kittinger's Record Still Stands, For Now

Earlier this year, we told you about adventurer Felix Baumgartner's plans to break Col. Joe Kittinger's 50-year-old freefall record. Kittinger himself has been deeply involved in the Red Bull Stratos project. News broke this week that the attempt is on hold after a man filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit claiming the record attempt was his idea. Red Bull now says the project is stopped until the suit is resolved. We'll keep you posted.


America's Most Famous House Goes Green

President Barack Obama just announced that solar panels will be installed next year to heat water and provide some electricity for the White House living quarters. Green living has never been hipper. Orange County (Florida) recently unveiled its very big and very powerful solar system atop the country's second largest convention center, and rock legend Roger McGuinn showed us how he makes solar ice and powers his scooter from the sun.


Play Ball!

The baseball post-season is in full swing! Slide into our Baseball Channel for stories about life on and off the diamond. Pitching great Frank "Sweet Music" Viola has moved from the mound to the dugout, shaping the players of tomorrow. Negro League player Charley Pride became a country music legend. John Wilson's life is a story of struggle and triumph played out in jails, hospitals and on a baseball field. And MLB finally rights a wrong.


Make Room For Another Oz

There might be a new Oz coming to your TV next fall. Wellness expert Lisa Oz, who is married to Dr. Mehmet Oz, is in talks to host her own show. Lisa is the author of 5 best-selling books, including her latest, "Us: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships That Matter Most." She recently appeared on the Growing Bolder Radio Show and discussed how harnessing the power of good relationships can improve your entire life. Break a leg, Lisa!


Olympian Hunter Kemper Breaks His Collarbone

We're sending get-well vibes to Hunter Kemper, who broke his collarbone and possibly a couple ribs at last weekend's Toyota U.S. Open Triathlon in Dallas. We've been a fan of the three-time Olympian for years, but once we saw that Hunter's heart is even bigger than his talent, we became super-fans. Click here to see how he's changing the lives of some special children.


Lifelong Learning Minute: Joanie Schirm

Joanie Schirm always knew there was more to her family history than what she had learned from her parents. When they passed away, she made a remarkable discovery in an old desk. Take :60 and go back in time with Joanie!

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Dive Into Masters Swimming

Last year, we took you behind the scenes at the 1st Annual Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic to show you how masters swimming is becoming one of the world's greatest intergenerational activities. If you want to see the action in person, head out to Orlando's YMCA Aquatic Center this weekend to watch some of the country's top swimmers competing in a world-class meet. We'll be there to bring you the story of an exciting world record attempt.


Deep Thoughts

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."
-- Actor James Dean

Did You Know?

Oct. 11, 1975
NBC shakes up late-night TV with the premiere of "NBC's Saturday Night" (it would not be called "Saturday Night Live" until the following year). Hosted by George Carlin, the show introduced America to the Not Ready for Prime Time Players, including Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi and Gilda Radner.

Oct. 14, 1947
Even though people thought it was impossible, Air Force Capt. Chuck Yeager becomes the first person to fly faster than the speed of sound. Because the project was top-secret, the world would not learn of Yeager's feat until the following summer.