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Now Showing: Growing Bolder TV!

This is it! It's the date we've had circled on our calendars for a long time. Starting this weekend, Season 2 of the Growing Bolder TV show will be available to public television stations across the country! We've made a lot of exciting changes for this new season, including a new set, a new show open and new contributors. But one thing remains -- we're still telling the inspirational stories of ordinary people like you living extraordinary lives.

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Sneak Peek: Watch Episode 201 Right Now!

We've got a surprise for you, Insiders! Be among the first to watch the premiere episode of the new season of Growing Bolder! In GOBO 201 (that's how programmers refer to our show), we dig into the past with Joanie Schirm, who discovered an incredible family history -- starting with a pair of pants. Plus, amazing art in 5 minutes and we welcome Wendy Chioji to the team! Click here to watch GOBO 201: Discover Your Future.


The Growing Bolder Team Expands

Our bench gets much deeper this season. On this season of Growing Bolder, we've added two Olympic gold medalists, two cancer survivors, the author of more than 70 books, an Ironman triathlete, marathoners, world record holders, an NBA executive and a world-class physician. And can you believe just four people accomplished all those things? In the blocks below, see how our new team will be contributing to the show.


Meet Our New Reporter, Wendy Chioji

Wendy Chioji is an athlete, a cancer survivor, a journalist, a businesswoman, an advocate, and most of all, a really good friend. She looks great in a bathing suit, which she recently donned to raise money for cancer research. And she's an incredible storyteller. This season, Wendy joins us on set and in the field, sharing lessons and insights learned from some of the most interesting people in the world.


Growing Bolder With ... Pat Williams

The senior VP of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, a motivational speaker and former Minor League baseball player, Pat Williams is also the author of nearly 70 books and an expert on pursuing passions. Pat shares wisdom from some of the biggest names in business as well as his own tips on Growing Bolder. Click here to watch Pat's first Growing Bolder With ... segments.


Growing Bolder With ... Rowdy Gaines

A three-time Olympic gold medalist, television analyst and founder of Rowdy’s Kidz charitable program, Rowdy Gaines will offer "motivational minutes," in which he talks about his belief in the power of giving back, the importance of staying active and what he has learned in his decades of competitive swimming. Click here to watch Rowdy's first Growing Bolder With ... segments.


Growing Bolder With ... Dr. Dot Richardson

An orthopedic surgeon and the USA’s first-ever Olympic softball team captain, Dot shares her tips for breaking barriers. She brings personal stories (including having to pretend to be a boy to break into the sport she loves) and motivation for getting out of your comfort zone and going after your dreams. Click here to watch Dr. Dot's first Growing Bolder With ... segments.


Growing Bolder Is Sizzling Hot

Looking for just a small taste of our new season? We've created a Sizzle Reel that highlights our new our new show open (featuring theme music recorded just for us by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn!) and some of the new stories you'll see on Season 2 of Growing Bolder.

Click here to watch the video.


Where to Watch

Now that we've gotten you excited for Season 2 of Growing Bolder, we bet you have one burning question: how can you watch it? Just click here and enter your Zip Code and we'll tell you when you can catch episodes. And if we're not in your area yet, we even make it easy for you to contact your local public television station and demand (OK, fine, request) that they start Growing Bolder.


The Importance of Teamwork, The Power of Belief

The Team BLU FROG world record-setting relay of Rowdy Gaines, Keith Switzer, Scot Weiss and Growing Bolder CEO Marc Middleton rolls into Texas for an appearance at the LIMU International Convention. Of course, Marc carried a camera everywhere -- even on stage.

Click here to watch the video.


Playbook for Life Sweepstakes

Congratulations to Amy Parsons, this week's winner in our Playbook for Life Sweepstakes! This is your LAST CHANCE to win one of our incredible prize packs of books. This week, we're giving away Neil Pasricha's "Book of Awesome," Peter Buffett's "Life is What You Make It;" Sophie Uliano's "Gorgeously Green," and Barbara Hannah Grufferman's "The Best of Everything After 50." ENTER NOW!


Shaken Back to Life by Oprah

In the next Growing Bolder Insider: One moment she was celebrating St. Valentine's Day with the love of her life. The next moment he was gone forever, killed in a car accident. Carolyn Moor knew she had to push on for her two daughters, but the healing process was just too painful, until a fateful appearance on national television changed everything.


Deep Thoughts

"There's nothing more intoxicating than doing big, bold things."
-- Hulu.com CEO Jason Kilar

Did You Know?

The GB Story
Did you know that the very first TV episode of Growing Bolder aired on Orlando's WMFE-TV in October 2008? In our first season, we recorded our show on location at places like Walt Disney World's EPCOT and the historic Stetson Mansion.

In January 2010, our show also started airing in Tampa, putting us on two of the nation's Top 20 markets. But we were ready to make even more noise.

In July 2010, we partnered with American Public Television, a leading distributor of high-quality, top-rated programming to public TV stations nationwide. In September 2010, our show was fed out to hundreds of public TV stations across the country and we were overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and support we received from viewers in all parts of the country.

When our second national season of the Growing Bolder TV show kicks off this weekend, we'll be seen on more than 200 stations ... and growing! (BTW, KERA in Dallas just picked us up, y'all!)