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Guru, Yo-Yoers Set New Record Lucky Meisenheimer knows up & downs

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Guru Takes You Inside History Tour house where Jack Kerouac wrote

Meet Dr. Dot Olympian Dot Richardson changes sport

Look Your Best With Lisa Maile Lisa explains how easy it is to look great

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When the student is ready, the Master appears. - Zen Master


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Growing Bolder Gurus

  • Charlene Edwards 3x4.jpg Charlene Edwards

    Charlene is a photographer, writer and explorer whose work has been exhibited in galleries and published in papers all over the world. She's an ACE Award Winner for documentary excellence and author of the book, Voices From Vietnam.

  • dot.jpg Dr. Dot Richardson

    Dr. Dot led two gold medal U.S. Olympic softball teams while working her way through med school. She's now Director of the USA Triathlon National Training Center, author, motivational speaker, NBC Sports analyst and commissioner of the ProFastpitch X-Treme Tour.

  • kealing 3x4.jpg Bob Kealing

    Bob is a three-time Emmy Award-winning reporter and author of the acclaimed book, Kerouac in Florida: Where the Road Ends. He's co-founder of the Jack Kerouac Writers-in-Residence Project in Orlando. His latest book is, Tupperware, Unsealed.

  • langdon3x4.jpg Dr. John Langdon

    Dr. Langdon, the former head of Florida Hospital's Genetic Cancer Program, is on the cutting edge of prevention and treatment of cancer. His "Cancer Courage Survival Stories" will inspire others in their own battles.

  • lisa-maile.jpg Lisa Maile

    Life coach Lisa Maile has spent 25 years helping thousands look great and achieve success, including executives, athletes, entertainers, two Miss Americas and REAL people. She'll help you look, feel and perform your best.

  • patwilliams3x4.jpg Pat Williams

    Orlando Magic Sr. VP Pat Williams is one of America's top motivational speakers, the author of 42 books and the father of 19 children, including 14 adopted from four nations.

  • Lucky-Guru.jpg Lucky Meisenheimer

    Lucky defines eclectic. He's a physician, author, Guinness World record holder, actor, writer, producer, former champion swimmer and more. He's also authored the seminal book on yo-yo collecting.

  • Kurland3x4.jpg Sheryl Kurland

    Sheryl is one of the world's top experts on what it takes to create everlasting love. She learned the secrets of 75 couples for her book, Everlasting Matrimony: Pearls of Wisdom From Couples Married 50 Years Or More.

  • PAT 3X4.jpg Pat Narciso

    Pat is our technology guru and now he's yours. A self-taught techno-whiz, Pat has a clear vision of where technology is headed and can help get you there. Do you have a technology question? Pat's THE MAN.

  • Ruth-Guru2.jpg Ruth1898

    Before her death at the age of 109, Ruth was the world's oldest member of a Web site. It was her wish that we continue posting her video blogs. She said the GB community helped her feel relevant. Ruth, you still are!

  • Jason3X4.jpg Jason Morrrow

    Jason is an award-winning videographer who knows how to make every shot count. If you have questions about lighting, composing, film styles, audio, etc., Jason can help. His simple tips can improve your videos dramatically.

  • nanus1.jpg Mike Nanus

    Mike and his wife Debbie started Generations Video to help families preserve the stories of their past. If you want to document and celebrate your family's history, Mike and Debbie can help.

  • mark-rodriguez-whitewall3x4.jpg Mark Rodriguez

    Mark's family has been running restaurants since 1948, and he's bringing his vast knowledge of food and wine to your table. Pull up a chair and get ready to learn healthy, tasty recipes and travel the world's vineyards with Mark.



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