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Meet "Banana" George Blair Water-skiing 93-year-old is true original

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Older is Bolder. The GB Hall of Fame honors those who first achieve or continue to achieve greatness after the age of 60. These are the men and women who pursued their passions, made a difference and became role models for all time.

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Possible 2009 Living Nominees (Alphabetical Order)

  • Edward Albee
    Edward Albee

    Born: March 12, 1928
    Three-time Pulitzer winner hailed as America's greatest living playwright. Plays include Zoo Story, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and Three Tall Women.

  • Maya Angelou
    Maya Angelou

    Born: April 4, 1927
    Author, poet, playwright, actress, director, educator and activist who overcame homelessness to become one of the nation's most celebrated women.

  • tony bennett.jpg
    Tony Bennett

    Born: August 3, 1926
    Silky-voiced crooner whose winging renditions of American popular standards have enjoyed a newfound popularity.

  • Banana George Blair
    George Blair (Banana George)

    Born: Jan. 22, 1915
    The ageless icon is arguably the greatest barefoot waterskier of all-time. Now in his mid-90's Banana still skis on a regular basis.

  • Helen Gurley Brown
    Helen Gurley Brown

    Born: February 18, 1922
    Author, publisher, and businesswoman. A leader of both the feminist and sexual revolutions.

  • Robert Byrd.jpg
    Robert Byrd

    Born: November 20, 1917
    The senior Senator from West Virginia and the longest-serving senator in U.S. history. Byrd is third in the line of presidential succession.

  • Jimmy Carter
    Jimmy Carter

    Born: Oct. 1, 1924
    Best known as the boy from a rural farming town in Georgia who went on to become the 39th President of the United States.

  • Truett Cathy.jpg
    Truett Cathy

    Born: April 4, 1927
    Founder of the Chik-fil-A fast food chain and inventor of the first fast-food chicken sandwich.

  • Mary Higgins Clark
    Mary Higgins Clark

    Born: December 24, 1927
    Suspense and mystery writer whose 24 published novels have sold more than 80 million copies in the United States.

  • Walter Cronkite
    Walter Cronkite

    Born: Nov. 4, 1916
    For nearly two decades, Americans overwhelmingly turned to Walter Cronkite for the day's news.

  • John B. Fenn.jpg
    John Bennett Fenn

    Born: June 15, 1917
    Nobel Prize-winning chemist who won the Nobel Prize in 2002 at the age of 85. His discoveries led directly to the development of life-saving AIDS medications.

  • John Glenn
    John Glenn

    Born: July 18, 1921
    He served 24 years in the U.S. Senate but is best known as the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962 and the oldest person to ever fly in space in 1998.

  • Billy Graham
    Billy Graham

    Born: November 7, 1918
    Evangelical preacher who's been a spiritual adviser to every U.S. president from Dwight Eisenhower to George W. Bush. He's the author of 25 books.

  • Alan Greenspan.jpg
    Alan Greenspan

    Born: March 6, 1926
    As Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan was, arguably, the most powerful and influential financial figure in the world for decades.

  • Hugh Hefner
    Hugh Hefner

    Born: April 9, 1926
    Iconic founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy. Hefner grew Playboy Enterprises internationally to include Playboy clubs, resorts, hotels, and casinos.

  • Rabbit Kekai
    Rabbit Kekai

    Born: November 11, 1920
    At 87, the oldest competitive surfer in the world. A legendary Hawaiian big wave surfer and winner of countless international surfing contests.

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee

Born: Dec. 28, 1922
    Legendary comic-book writer and editor. The former chairman of Marvel Comics, Lee co-created a slew of iconic characters that have since been turned into blockbuster film franchises.

  • Nelson Mandela.jpg
    Nelsen Mandela

    Born: July 18, 1918
    He's much of his life fighting apartheid, the racist system used by the former white government of South Africa to suppress the majority black population.

  • Sandra Day O'Connor.jpg
    Sandra Day O'Connor

    Born: March 26, 1930
    A mother of three from Arizona, Sandra Day O'Connor is best-known as as the first female Supreme Court Justice.

  • I.M. Pei
    I.M. Pei

    Born: April 26,1917
    The Chinese-born Pei, who became an American citizen in 1954, is known as the last master of high modernist architecture.

  • Pinetop Perkins
    Pinetop Perkins

    Born: July 7, 1913
    One the last original Delta blues musicians. A longtime sideman, Perkins released his first solo album in 1988, at 72.

  • Sumner Redstone
    Sumner Redstone

    Born: May 27, 1923
    One of the most powerful media moguls of the 20th century. He has controlling interests in Viacom, CBS, MTV, Showtime, VH1, Nickelodeon, and Paramount.

  • Liz Smith.jpg
    Liz Smith

    Born: February 2, 1923
    The Grand Dame of Dish. New York gossip columnist, at various publications, for 32 years. Her 2000 memoir, Natural Blonde, was a best-seller.

  • John Paul Stevens
    John Paul Stevens

    Born: April 20, 1920
    Supreme Court Justice Stevens is currently the court's oldest and longest-serving member and wrote the most-cited opinion in American law.

  • Elaine Stritch.jpg
    Elaine Stritch

    Born: February 02, 1925
    Legendary Broadway performer who has won 5 Tony's. A superlative dramatic actress, Ms. Stritch also excelled in musical comedy,

  • Helen Thomas
    Helen Thomas

    Born: August 4, 1920
    Groundbreaking female journalist and bestselling author. Thomas has covered every U.S. president since John F. Kennedy.

  • Mike Wallace.jpg
    Mike Wallace

    Born: May 9, 1918
    Award-winning journalist; lead correspondent for CBS's 60 Minutes for 37 years. Wallace's professional honors include at least 20 Emmy Awards.

  • Barbara Walters
    Barbara Walters

    Born: September 25, 1929
    Journalist and media personality. She co-hosted 20/20 for 25 years and, in the 1970s, was the first female co-anchor of a network evening-news show.

  • Dr. Ed Wayburn
    Dr. Edgar Wayburn

    Born: Sept. 17, 1906
    A legendary wilderness champion and former five-term president of the Sierra Club. Credited with more of our wilderness than any person alive.

Possible 2009 Historical Nominees (Alphabetical Order)

  • Susan B. Anthony
    Susan B. Anthony

    Born: Feb. 15, 1820
    Died: March 13, 1906
    A social reformer best known as a women's rights leader, but she also campaigned against slavery.

  • Clara Barton
    Clara Barton

    Born: Dec, 25, 1821
    Died: April 12, 1912
    A pioneering founder of the American Red Cross and as a nurse who tended to wounded soldiers on Civil War battlefields.

  • winston_churchill.jpg
    Winston Churchill

    Born: Nov. 30, 1874
    Died: Jan. 24, 1965
    An English statesman best known as the Prime Minister who led England during World War II.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Born: March 14, 1879
    Died: April 18, 1955
    A German-born theoretical physicist of profound genius who is widely regarded as the greatest scientist of the 20th century.

  • Gandhi.jpg
    Mahatma Ghandi

    Born: Oct. 2, 1869
    Died: Jan. 30, 1948
    The pioneer of non-violent mass civil disobedience, Ghandi inspired movements for civil rights and freedom worldwide.

  • thomas jefferson.jpg
    Thomas Jefferson

    Born: April 13, 1743
    Died: July 4, 1826
    Author of the Declaration of Independence whovoiced the aspirations of a new America as no other individual of his era.

  • Michelangelo
    Michelangelo Buonarroti

    Born: March 6, 1475
    Died: Feb 18, 1564
    An Italian sculptor, architect, painter and poet known as one of the greatest artists of all-time.

  • Grandma Moses.jpg
    Grandma Moses (Anna Roberts)

    Born: Sept. 7, 1860
    Died: Dec. 13, 1961
    One of the most famous American folk artists of all-time, she taught herself to paint when she was in her mid-70s.

  • florence nightingale.jpg
    Florence Nightingale

    Born: May 12, 1820
    Died: Aug. 13, 1910
    The founder of modern nursing and the first female member of the Royal Statistical Society.

  • Satchel Paige
    Leroy "Satchel" Paige

    Born: July 7, 1906
    Died: June 8, 1982
    A right-handed pitcher and legendary storyteller, Leroy "Satchel" Paige was one of the greatest baseball players of all-time.

  • picasso3.jpg
    Pablo Picasso

    Born: Oct. 25, 1881
    Died: April 8, 1973
    Picasso is generally considered the most famous and perhaps greatest artist of the 20th century.

  • rockwell3.jpg
    Norman Rockwell

    Born: Feb. 3, 1894
    Died: Nov. 8, 1978
    His paintings and illustrations are known the world-over for their look at everyday life in early 20th century America.

  • eleanor_roosevelt2.jpg
    Eleanor Roosevelt

    Born: Oct. 11, 1884
    Died: Nov. 7, 1962
    American First Lady, humanitarian, and diplomat who became one of the most admired women in the world.

  • Colonel Sanders.jpg
    Colonel Harland Sanders

    Born: Sept. 9, 1890
    Died: Dec. 16, 1980
    A symbol of entrepreneurial spirit, the Colonel began franchising his Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants at age 65.

  • Andres Segovia
    Andres Segovia

    Born: Feb. 21, 1893
    Died: June 2, 1987
    Considered the greatest classical guitarist of all-time -- credited with elevating the guitar from a folk instrument.

  • Mother Teresa.jpg
    Mother Teresa

    Born: Aug. 27, 1910
    Died: Sept. 5, 1997
    A Roman Catholic nun who founded the Missionaries of Charity and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her humanitarian work.

  • Studs Terkel.jpg
    Studs Terkel

    Born: May 16, 1912
    Died: Oct. 31, 2008
    Pulitzer Prize-winning author and broadcaster best known for his series of oral histories.

  • Simon Wiesenthal
    Simon Wiesenthal

    Born: Dec. 31, 1908
    Died: Sept. 20, 2005
    A survivor of the Nazi death camps who dedicated his life to tracking down fugitive Nazi's and fighting prejudice against all people.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright.jpg
    Frank Lloyd Wright

    Born: June 8, 1867
    Died: April 29, 1959
    Considered the most influential architect of his time. A pioneer ahead of his time and is easily America's most famous architect.