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Roger Rocks On Rails Ride along with a Rock Legend

Roger McGuinn's Home Studio Watch him record a song.

Swing King Panama Francis Played for Buddy Holly, Cab Calloway

Life After the Piano Man Billy Joel's drummer Grows Bolder

Pink Floyd and The Wizard of Oz Try this... It really works!

Amy Grant Shares a Lesson It takes a little time sometimes

Hellooooo, Baby! Following in father's footsteps

Bob Rafkin Faces Challenge His music transcends his illness

Yakety Yak, I Fought Back A rare interview with Coasters founder

Shake, Rattle & Roll Unknown story of Jesse Stone

We Rock The Party

Exclusive interviews, rare film, backstage access. Come along as we visit many of the musicians who helped define rock and roll. Stay in touch with these ageless icons in GB Rocks.

Concert Photos -- Click for Interviews With Each Performer

  • Arlo Guthrie
  • BJ Thomas
  • Don Felder
  • Shirelles.jpg
  • Ian Anderson1x1.jpg
  • Harry-Wayne-Casey-1x1.jpg
  • Judy-Davids-1x1.jpg
  • Eric-Burdon-1x1.jpg
  • Donna-Fargo-1x1.jpg
  • A Roger McGuinn.jpg
  • naomi judd.jpg
  • Mary-Weiss-1x1.jpg
  • Davy Jones1x1.jpg
  • Petula Clark1x1.jpg
  • Don Brewer, Grand Funk.jpg
  • Gary Puckett.gif
  • Peter Criss1x1.jpg
  • Robert Kool Bell
  • Jose-Feliciano.jpg
  • neil sedaka1x1.jpg

GB Rocks Interviews These Artists

  • Tanya Tucker1x1.jpg
    Tanya Tucker

    Country music legend Tanya Tucker is back with her first new album in eight years, and she's reworking some classic songs made famous by men. Look out boys!

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 5,792
    Added: 2009-08-03 10:39

    Posted in: Music

  • lynda-carter1x1.jpg
    Lynda Carter

    Before she was Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter's dream was to find success as a recording artist. She never gave up on that dream.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 8,520
    Added: 2009-08-03 10:39

    Posted in: Music

  • Bruce-Kulick1x1.jpg
    Bruce Kulick

    He's one of the greatest guitarists in the music business, playing with everyone from KISS to Meat Loaf to Michael Bolton, and he's grateful for every opportunity he's had to leave his mark on rock.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 6,686
    Added: 2009-05-07 09:23

    Posted in: Music

  • joe-cocker1x1.jpg
    Joe Cocker

    Just as his star was rising, singer Joe Cocker was falling deep into the bottle. His story of survival will show you it's never too late to change for the better.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 5,358
    Added: 2009-05-07 09:22

    Posted in: Music

  • ray-stevens1x1.jpg
    Ray Stevens

    He's one of the most unique singers of the past four decades. He effortless shifts between hilarious comedy songs, and heartfelt ballads. Now, in his 70s, listen to his excitement at pushing ahead with new projects, including a TV series!

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 5,728
    Added: 2009-03-03 11:08

    Posted in: Music

  • larry-gatlin1x1.jpg
    Larry Gatlin

    One of the most beloved country acts of all time is back with new music and a renewed spirit about hitting the road. Larry Gatlin explains why he and his brothers are ready to leave their wild days behind.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 4,646
    Added: 2009-03-03 11:03

    Posted in: Music

  • the-spinners1x1.jpg
    The Spinners' Bobbie Smith

    The Spinners lead singer shares the incredible history of the band, from Motown's forgotten group, to mega-hit sensation. Bobbie says their success was due to big songs and small egos.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 7,728
    Added: 2009-03-03 11:01

    Posted in: Music

  • johnny-mathis1x1.jpg
    Johnny Mathis

    His music is timeless, his voice is unmistakable but the story of his life is largely untold. Hear him explain how his recording career cost him a probable spot on the US Olympic Track Team.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 12,901
    Added: 2009-03-03 10:54

    Posted in: Music

  • McCoo-Davis1x1.jpg
    Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis

    They've done the impossible, surviving four decades the the music industry, and 40 years of marriage at the same time! Just listening to them talk is as inspiring as their music.

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 4,290
    Added: 2008-12-09 11:48

    Posted in: Music

  • david-cassidy1x1.jpg
    David Cassidy

    The ultimate teen idol saw his life spiraling out of control, so he made some big changes. Now, he's sharing exciting news about a new TV show involving the whole Cassidy clan!

    From: Growing Bolder
    Views: 7,931
    Added: 2009-08-03 10:41

    Posted in: Music



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